Fredette Update

Cougar fans have been speculating and worrying about star point guard Jimmer Fredette's health, and wondering when if ever this season he'll be back to his old self. Fortunately, there was positive news coming out of the Cougar camp on Monday regarding the most famous case of mono to hit Utah County.

-Jimmer Fredette said he is starting to feel like himself again, and that he felt better in the Air Force game than he did when he played against UNLV.

-Fredette practiced on Monday and felt good about it, saying, "I did pretty good today, practiced the whole time and didn't feel too bad."

-Referring to himself uncharacteristically missing some free throws during the Air Force game, Fredette joked that "it was probably my fault, but we can blame in on the mono."

-Fredette said traveling with the team for the UTEP game as opposed to staying home and resting wasn't a big deal, and that other than feeling a bit tired afterward, it didn't really affect him. "Coach wanted me to go out and be a part of the team."

-Fredette believes he never had strep throat, but that it was mono all along. The two illnesses have some similar symptoms, leading to the likely misdiagnosis.

-When he found out he had mono he knew it wasn't a severe case, and thus was optimistic about not having to miss too much time. He feels fortunate that his case isn't too bad and that he won't be out of commission for months like some people who have mono.

-Fredette expects to play more minutes against Colorado State than he did against Air Force.

-Coach Rose stated that Fredette could even possibly start against Colorado State, saying, "If we're gonna play him, that's what we want to do cause that's part of the normal rotation."

-Nevertheless, Rose was complimentary of the job his backup point guards did in Fredette's absence. "Lamont and Mike have both handled that point guard position real well for us," Rose said.

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