A.J. Moore Reports on Official Trip

Every commit save for Jake Heaps and Collin Keoshian took their official trip to BYU this weekend, and were able to participate in various festivities and better familiarize themselves with the school that they will sign with. All of the commits are getting home Sunday, with A.J. Moore being the first player TBS was able to contact ask about what transpired this weekend.

"It was incredible," stated A.J. Moore about his official trip. "I love BYU more and more every time I go out there, but this was just incredible. I loved every thing we did, everyone we met. I can't wait to get to BYU."

Moore committed to BYU this past summer as a top running back prospect from Murrieta Valley High School in Southern California. He arrived on Friday and immediately started a very comprehensive tour of BYU's campus.

"We saw everything and met a lot of people," he related. "It was great seeing BYU up close again and even closer than we did when I was up there for Junior Day."

One of the things BYU does is attempt to get every single commit and recruit out to BYU on the same weekend. This year BYU hosted every single commit save for Jake Heaps, who is set to arrive at BYU on Monday at 9 a.m. before starting classes.

"That was really great to meet everyone," said Moore. "I knew most of the guys already, but not all that well, but after spending all weekend with the guys I can tell you that we're already great friends and really close as a group."

Moore roomed with Taloa'i Ho-Ching, whom he got along with very well.

"I was with Taloa'i, Zac Stout and Alani Fua mostly," he said. "We were sort of in the same group and did everything together. Another guy that I really got along with well was Drew Phillips from Alabama. That kid is crazy and just a lot of fun to be around. He had a blast and it was great to get to meet him and hang out and stuff."

Moore's official host during the trip was Cougar receiver McKay Jacobson.

"McKay was great showing me around and explaining everything," he said. "He really took his time with me and we got along great. He's a great player and he treated me like I belonged while on the trip. He was great."

The highlight of Moore's trip was the traditional snowmobiling excursion that all recruits take up in the mountains. As is the norm, there were some stories to tell given that most of the recruits had never driven snowmobiles before.

"Zac got his snowmobile wedged in a tree somehow and then Taloa'i did the same thing," he said with a laugh. "And then Tayo [Fabuluje] ran right into a bunch of branches that kept him from going off a cliff. You should see it, he left a big mark where he hit the branches. He's alright, but man, I took it a bit slow after seeing all those guys going crazy and stuff. It was seriously a blast."

Moore's group got home a bit later than the others and subsequently wasn't able to attend the basketball game that the others did. For Moore, however, that was just fine; they really enjoyed hanging out and talking to each other, as there was hardly a dull moment.

During the rest of the time the recruits met with academic advisors and had one-on-one meetings with BYU coaches. Moore had meetings with head coach Bronco Mendenhall, Coach Mark Weber, and his future position coach Lance Reynolds.

"Coach Mendenhall talked to me about preparing to get here," said Moore. "He wants all of us to be as ready as we can possibly be. I'm planning on playing a year and then going on a mission, and he let me know that I could help them and how I could help them my first year. I just need to keep focused and determined and I could see playing time my first year, you never know."

This year's group has been hyped a lot by a number of news sources. Moore has heard the hype and believes it, but most importantly, someone else believes the hype and his opinion carries more weight than perhaps all others.

"Coach Mendenhall got in front of all of us and told us that we were the best group he's ever recruited," related Moore. "Everyone tells us that, but hearing Coach say that was pretty neat for me. I'm so excited about playing for BYU and coming in with the quality of players that I'm coming in with. We're a very confident group and the guys are very talented. I just can't wait to get going. It's just an honor to be a part of such a special group of players."

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