Johnson Takes Notes from Logan

Jordan Johnson traveled farther than most to get to Provo this past weekend for his official visit. Even though he hails from North Andover, Massachusetts, he's grown very close to BYU since attending camp there this past June and has taken special note of the exploits of the very player that hosted him on his official visit.

Jordan Johnson is a 5-foot-10-inch, 175-pound cornerback prospect from the Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts. He was referred to BYU by former Cougar great Danny Ainge. Upon the referral BYU offered him a scholarship based on his camp performance and film, and that offer was quickly accepted as Johnson found an unlikely home away from home in Provo.

Since that time he's kept very close eyes on the football program, having viewed every single game they played this past year.

"We have a satellite dish and we get The Mtn., so yeah, I watched every game they played last year for sure," he related. "They had a great season and it was good to see how they played and who the players are that will be my teammates this coming year."

During the games Johnson would take special note of Brian Logan's play at field corner, which is the exact position he'll be competing at come August. Logan rose to provide the best and most consistent play Cougar fans have witnessed at the position in a while.

"Yeah, I definitely want to play like Logan did and have that sort of impact on the team," noted Johnson. "I love how he plays and hopefully I can help the team in a similar way when I get there."

It was only natural that Logan was Johnson's host during his official visit. The two of them hit is off very quickly and Johnson took copious notes from his host during the entire weekend.

"I was with him the entire time," said Johnson. "He really took a lot of time with me showing me everything and explaining how BYU is and what I could do to have success there."

What impressed Johnson most about Logan was how focused he was on the coming season.

"I hung around him and O'Neill Chambers a lot and all the talk was what they were doing to get better," said Johnson. "It was impressive to hear them talk like that and it shows how focused BYU is as a football program. Logan didn't want to talk much about the year they just had, he was just talking about how he wanted to improve and what he was doing to improve for the coming year."

Johnson is similar to Logan in that he'll be coming to BYU as a minority non-LDS athlete. Those types of athletes sometimes have a hard time acclimating to BYU's unique predominantly LDS culture. Logan took time to explain to him the best way to fit in and get used to what BYU has to offer.

"He didn't have to convince me since I already know that BYU is the place I need to be, but it was good to hear him talk about specific things that would help me," said Johnson. "BYU truly felt like a home away from home for me this past summer, and it felt even more so during my official visit."

He was accompanied on his official by his mother, who was able to see BYU up close for the first time. According to Johnson, she came away with a very similar impression to his.

"She loved it," he said. "I knew she would, but she really loved the atmosphere and the coaches a lot. Logan gave her his mother's phone number so that they can be in contact and so that she can help explain certain things to her or whatever. He told her to call his mother any time with anything, any concerns or thoughts on anything, and I know my mom really appreciated that."

Although Johnson spent most of his time with Logan, he was able to meet with most of the commits taking their official visits. It all started with the pickup from the airport.

"Coach Higgins drove me back to BYU and I rode back with Tayo Fabuluje," he said. "It was my first time meeting him and he was a really great guy. We talked a long time in the car and became friends. It will be great going to BYU with guys like Tayo and some of the others. I feel like we're all really close already."

Most notable among Johnson's close ties are players such as Kori Gaines and Drew Phillips, both of whom he plans to room with while at BYU.

"I've had contact with both of them before the trip and we all got along great while we were there," he explained. "We were in the same group and all of us went to the basketball game together, which was great. It's nice to know who you're going to be attending school with and competing with on the football team, so that was great."

Overall Johnson was able to reaffirm the feelings he had back in early July when he committed to BYU.

"BYU is a special place," he said. "As Coach Mendenhall explained to me in my meeting with him, it's not all about football, but BYU is a place that can set me up for a better life no matter what I do after college. BYU has the right mindset and focus for its players to succeed in no matter what they do in life after football. The focus is on personal growth and on the religion, and even though I'm not Mormon the mindset that they teach is one I feel very comfortable with. BYU is my new home and I can't wait to get out there and put in the work to succeed both on and off the football field."

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