BYU to Pull Offer to Schwenke

In a move that the Schwenke family did not want to happen BYU informed them that they would pull their scholarship from Kona Schwenke should he visit Notre Dame this coming weekend. Currently the Schwenke family is at the airport waiting to board their flight to South Bend after some intense conversations with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall and other coaches.

Earlier today it was reported that BYU would pull Kona Schwenke's offer should he follow through with his plans to take an official trip to Notre Dame. Kona along with his father, McKay discussed this further with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall to seek a resolution concerning how a BYU offer would mix with taking an official trip to Notre Dame this late during the recruiting process.

"We told Coach Mendenhall that Kona is 100 percent committed to BYU and that taking a trip to Notre Dame didn't detract from his commitment, that he just wanted the opportunity to visit some friends," informed Kona's father McKay. "Kona has prayed about it and the answer he received was that BYU was the school he needed to sign with and I told Bronco that, so it's hard for me to understand why he can't take Kona's word on this."

Mendenhall obviously questioned Kona and his family's intent.

"He told us that if we were committed to them, then we wouldn't take a trip to Notre Dame," said McKay. "He told us about how if Kona didn't stay true to his commit by going to Notre Dame, then he couldn't possibly expect him to stay true to the honor code and other things at BYU."

Schwenke is disappointed with BYU's stance on this issue and feels that they should show more trust, that BYU not trusting his word may be a sign of things to come that they didn't want take on.

"It's an ugly side to BYU that we didn't see until just this week and we're extremely disappointed by all of this," said McKay. "My son gave them his word and that still apparently wasn't good enough. He wants to trip to Notre Dame and we're going there because we believe that it's not something that is disrespecting BYU by doing so. They told us that they would pull his offer if he goes to Notre Dame and hopefully they change their minds, but we don't believe we're doing anything wrong here. We were never told beforehand that we couldn't trip to other schools if we wanted to keep our BYU offer, so them telling us so now that it's so late doesn't show a lot of trust in their part."

Schwenke is still not committed to Notre Dame and will follow up his trip to South Bend with an official visit to Washington and to their campus.

"He still wants to go to BYU, even now, but he doesn't feel that he should be treated this way by the coaches there," summed up McKay regarding Kona's mindset. "It's truly an unfortunate thing, but all we can do is move on and decide between Notre Dame and Washington."

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