Kuresa Commits to the Cougars

BYU brought in about 40 of its local recruits for the 2011 class Saturday, and they spoke with head coach Bronco Mendenhall. One of the attendees drove down to BYU with the intent to inform Mendenhall that he was committing to sign a letter of intent with BYU about a year from now. TBS caught up with Alex Kuresa to learn of his commit and what led to it.

Alex Kuresa is a 6-foot, 175-pound quarterback prospect from Mountain Crest High School in Logan, Utah. Having started in each of his past two seasons, he's been doing his best Riley Nelson imitation with both his style of play and in the numbers he's put up.

The Cougar coaching staff noted his play and potential very early on, as he's been attending BYU camps since he was eight years old. Since then he's developed into a prospect worthy of a BYU offer, which he accepted after some thought.

"I decided recently that I wanted to stay in-state and go to either BYU, Utah or Utah State," said Kuresa. "I really like Utah State and respect their program and I'm grateful for their offer, but in the end, BYU was just too good to pass up. They're the school I've always dreamed of playing [for], and to have that chance now is just an amazing thing for me."

While Kuresa considered Utah, he didn't feel as if Utah wanted him nearly as much as BYU did.

"I've visited Utah and I liked it, but BYU felt much more like the place I needed to be and the coaches seemed to want me a lot more than they did at Utah," he said. "Utah hasn't offered me, but I do know that BYU really wants me to play quarterback for them, and since it's where I've always wanted to play I decided to commit to them yesterday."

As mentioned, Kuresa is very similar to current Cougar quarterback Riley Nelson, who will be competing for the starting quarterback spot this coming spring practice session. While Kuresa's play and gaudy numbers closely resemble Nelson's, he didn't exactly look to emulate him, at least not initially.

"[Nelson] played for Logan and we hate Logan," said Kuresa. "They're our rivals up here at Mountain Crest. I've heard all about him, obviously, but he wasn't someone I looked up to just because he played for my high school's big rival."

All that has changed, however, now that Nelson has moved on to BYU. Kuresa considers Nelson as a sort of vehicle that led to his own offer and opportunity.

"I've come to know him a bit and it's an honor to be compared to him," he said about his future teammate. "I know that we're similar in size and ability, so the staff there at BYU has been able to see him play and they feel that he can play quarterback within their system. So obviously, with me being very similar to him athletically, they felt that I could do it as well. I can't wait to learn from him and from Jake Heaps, who is also a great quarterback."

Kuresa is the younger brother of former Cougar offensive lineman Jake Kuresa, but his BYU family connections don't end there.

"Tyler Haws is my cousin, so it was great to go down there and see him play in their game against Utah," he explained. "I've grown up with BYU and now to have the opportunity to play there really is a dream come true for me. I love their strong tradition, their standards and it will be the best place for me to prepare me to serve a mission."

While one could readily assume that Kuresa's big brother strongly urged him to commit to BYU, it wasn't that way.

"[Jake] really sat back and told me to carefully consider everyone," he related. "He obviously taught me all about what BYU was like and he loved his experience there, so that helped me a lot, but he really didn't push me to commit there at all. Now that I know what I do about BYU I couldn't feel better about my decision to commit there. It really is a childhood dream come true for me."

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