BYU Gets Commit From Bingham Defensive Tackle

Coach Mendenhall received a commitment Monday from speed rush defensive tackle Moses "Mo Mo" Kaumatule. After visiting with Coach Mendenhall in his office, Kaumatule felt that committing was the right thing to do, making this the second commit of the day for the Cougar program.

Coach Mendenhall just finished up the 2010 recruiting class, considered to be the best in the history of BYU's football program. Just a week ago, Coach Mendenhall received a commitment from Mountain Crest High School quarterback Alex Kuresa, the fourth commitment of the 2011 class. Now, Moses Kaumatule can add his name to the list of those committed to BYU for the class of 2011.

"I committed today around 1:45 when they offered me," said an excited Kaumatule. "BYU's quarterback coach, Coach Doman, called down to Bingham High School and talked to our coach, Coach Peck. He told him that he want me to go down to BYU to meet with Coach Mendenhall today, so after school I drove down and met with him in his office. When we were driving from West Jordan down to Provo, I was just kind of thinking about what was going to happen.

"When it really comes down to it, if I didn't commit to BYU then I would have eventually no matter what other scholarship offers I got. BYU is such a top-notch school in every aspect and there really isn't any reason to not commit. Even if any other school offered me a scholarship, it wouldn't really matter because no other school can offer me the same thing that BYU has. With the values that I have and the things that I care most about, it wouldn't really matter what school offered me. BYU is the best option for me because of what it has to offer me. I feel really blessed. "

So when the offer from Coach Mendenhall was extended, Kaumatule didn't hesitate.

"BYU is my top school and it's always been my dream to play there," said Kaumatule. "I feel very, very blessed for the opportunity to play there, so when I was offered I just thought I needed to commit then. It's a big blessing for me and my family. I'm very grateful for Coach Mendenhall taking the time to meet with me and my family over there at BYU."

While Kaumatule was thrilled to receive the offer, it was nevertheless a bit of a shock to him.

"Well, when Coach Mendenhall gave me the offer the first thing that went through my mind was, ‘Do I really deserve this?'" said a humble Kaumatule. "I kind of looked back over my season and I thought, ‘Well, I guess I did okay.' I felt that I could have done a lot better and will try and do this next season.

"I think Coach Mendenhall is right when he said that there is more to life than just football. BYU is a great place for LDS athletes and an athlete of faith, and Coach Mendenhall's program is designed to help young athletes become more than just great football players. I just felt that after he gave me the scholarship offer that I should just commit to him right there and play for BYU at the Division I level."

While in Coach Mendenhall's office, Kaumatule listened intently to BYU's head coach and was very impressed with what he heard.

"Coach Mendenhall is a great guy and he's one of the most inspirational people that I've ever met," Kaumatule said. "Coach Mendenhall gave me the rundown on what BYU is all about. He's just an amazing person and I actually really, really feel strong about him and the direction of the program."

Prior to signing day, the concept of commitment was somewhat of a hot topic around Cougar nation. Coach Mendenhall explains to the recruits exactly what the definition of commitment is. For Kaumatule, however, the definition of commitment goes even further than what most might think.

"When you commit to BYU and Coach Mendenhall, it's not just an honoring of your word but it has spiritual meaning as well," Kaumatule said. "It's a commitment to one's self spiritually as well as living in a way that allows you to be worthy of the scholarship being offered to you. That's what it means to be committed to Coach Mendenhall and BYU.

"That's the thing about BYU; there's more to what it means to be committed to the program than what most might think," Kaumatule continued. "It's more than just football and I thought it was a great opportunity for me to commit to BYU and be a part of the program. When you commit to BYU it doesn't mean you've arrived. It means now you have to go even further to be better. It means you have work harder, be more humble, work harder in the classroom, and it's an honor to be selected to be a part of that program."

Right now Kaumatule measures in at 6 feet 2 inches and 245 pounds, but said he wants to get to 250 pounds.

"I'm trying to get a big as I can and as strong as I can for my senior season," he said. "I watch a lot of film and work out a lot in the weight room. I want to be like Jan Jorgensen of BYU and develop myself as best I can as a defensive lineman."

When asked what his strengths are as a football player, Kaumatule did his best to stay humble.

"My strengths? Well, I don't really know what my strengths are as a football player," he said. "I just do my best to try and be a leader on the field. I just try to compare myself to other defensive players and follow their example. I just try to work really hard to get to the quarterback and get those sacks. There's nothing quite like getting a sack. I also try to do things that help my teammates be successful on the field so they can have a chance to get a scholarship as well to play at the next level."

Kaumatule racked up some impressive numbers as a junior speed rush defensive end for the Miners.

"I had around 70 tackles and around six or seven sacks last year," he said. "I'll try and do better next year."

"He is just a hard worker," said Bingham assistant coach George Pritchard. "He works hard no matter what and is the one that really strives to play his position well. We're so blessed to have him on our front defensive line along with guys like Kesni [Tausinga] and Seni [Fanuku]. They are just a good group of guys and they don't get any better than Mo Mo [Kaumatule's nickname]."

In the weight room, Kaumatule is known as a hard worker. His defensive line teammate Kesni Tausinga confirms what Coach Pritchard said concerning his work ethic.

"He is one of the hardest working players on our team," said Tausinga. "Moses is so strong in the weight room and wants to try and beat Manoah Pikula, so he works really hard to get stronger so he can catch up to him. I think he benches around 300 pounds and wants to get up to around 400 pounds like Manoah."

"Well, right now we're benching at SPARQ and I've been doing repetitions with 325 pounds," said Kaumatule. "I hope I can get around 355 or 365 pounds. I want to catch up to Manoah Pikula because he's been getting around 400 pounds on the bench press. I did my max on the squat last spring and it was around 455 pounds last year, but this year I hope to get around 550 pounds or close to 600 on my squat."

In closing, Kaumatule wanted to pass something on to all BYU fans.

"I would just like to tell all the BYU fans that I'm very honored and blessed to come play for BYU," Kaumatule said. "I'm going to try my best to help BYU be successful and do my best to represent Coach Mendenhall, the program and our faith well while I'm at BYU."

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