Change of Heart

Skyline High School halfback Algernon "Algie" Brown – a second cousin of former BYU defensive end Manaia Brown – recently signed his letter of intent with the Cougars. However, there were rumblings that he had second thoughts after he had committed. Brown did have a change of heart, but it's not what most think.

BYU's 2010 recruiting class is short two players that had originally committed to Coach Mendenhall but ended up breaking off their commitment. In addition to those players, rumors floating around on message boards suggested that Algernon Brown too wasn't firmly committed to the Cougars. However, Brown recently cleared the air and set the record straight.

"It was funny because Jake Heaps even emailed me last year saying, ‘Hey you're scaring me. Are you still signing with BYU and are you still committed to them?' I was like, ‘Who told you that?' He said, ‘Oh I just heard that you weren't going to be there.'"

The email sent by Heaps was a reflection of what was being whispered and rumored in some circles on some message boards.

"I thought that was just crazy and I don't know where people would get that from," said Brown with a laugh. "I don't know where that came from and I was surprised to have heard that. I don't know where that came from. That was kind of weird."

In fact, Brown said the thought of decommitting never crossed his mind.

"Ever since I committed I didn't really change my mind about it. In fact, I was constantly thinking about going to BYU. There was never a time when I thought twice about going to BYU. Ever since I talked with Coach Mendenhall at the time when he offered me, I never thought about changing my mind at all."

Hypothetically speaking, if schools such as USC, Florida or even Notre Dame came along and offered Brown a scholarship, he says he still would have remained committed to BYU

"For some reason in looking at all those other schools, they don't really appeal to me as much," said Brown. "It would have been flattering or a compliment, but when it comes down to it being flattered isn't what it's all about. They don't have what BYU has to offer and that's what most important."

Message received. Brown made it perfectly clear he had no intentions of ever going to any other place but BYU. However, he does admit there was a sort of change of heart he did experience once he committed to BYU, just not the kind that was rumored about on message boards.

"It did change me actually," Brown quickly said. "It got me thinking about how I needed to start working harder in school and working a lot harder on the field. I started training a lot more on my own and studying a lot more for school."

Brown is a member of one of the best recruiting classes in the history of BYU's football program.

"It's kind of hard to think that I'm part of it," said a humble Brown. "Just looking at all the guys, they're a group of fun guys. They're a bunch of really good guys that are really talented and fun to be with. It was funny because when we all came down to BYU [for the big recruiting weekend], it was more about all of us getting together and having fun. We probably met everyone maybe once or twice before, but when we came for the official visit not too long ago we all just had a great time together.

"When Coach Mendenhall said this was the best recruiting class, I thought, ‘Wow, that's amazing.' I didn't really think too much about it. Looking at everyone individually, everyone is really good at their position, but looking at the class as a whole, I just look at us as just another class getting ready to go to BYU. I did, however, think about the class more when Jake Heaps got us all together and said we were going to win a national championship."

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