Mathews Has His Type of School in Mind

Ryker Mathews from American Fork High School is posed to be one of the bigger in-state prospects for the 2011 recruiting year. With Mathews having received an offer from BYU this past summer, a bunch of other schools are looking him up in hopes of securing his services at the next level. TBS caught up with Mathews to find out what he's looking for in a school.

Ryker Mathews is a 6-foot-6-inch, 270-pound offensive line prospect from American Fork High School that was offered by BYU this past summer. That was quickly followed up by a verbal offer from the University of Utah. Since then he's received a verbal offer from Utah State and a load of attention from such schools as Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame and Arizona, among other programs.

As is the case with many top offensive line prospects, Mathews switched over to offensive tackle after having played tight end. That speaks well to his agility and overall athletic ability. Now that he's dug into the offensive tackle position, he's looking to get his name out there even more this summer.

"I don't know exactly which camps I'll be attending, but I definitely want to get out there and perform well," he said regarding his summer plans. "I'll probably go to both Utah's and BYU's camps and the All-Poly Camp, but I definitely want to go to some others. We'll just have to see how it works out."

While most of his initial interest came from BYU, Mathews is receiving a whole lot of attention from Utah and their coaching staff.

"Their assistant coach Jay Hill is seriously down here every week to talk to me it seems," he related. "And I love that. I love that he's spent so much time with me and calls me frequently. It's sort of weird because he's always telling me that I have an offer, but I'm yet to receive a written offer from Utah yet. BYU sent me one a long time ago, so I sort of wonder why Utah hasn't. It doesn't really matter though, since I know that they want me there."

Mathews also likes a lot of the other things that Utah has to offer as a program and as a school.

"I really like the players and the coaches there," he explained. "The players are great and really seem to care about you, and they want me to be their teammate. They have a lot of good personnel coming up through the program and they're really going to be good here coming up. All the coaches are awesome and I've really come to respect Coach Hill a lot. I also like that Utah has an architecture program, which is something I want to study in college."

While Utah has garnered a lot of Mathews' attention here of late, he still has BYU well in mind as another in-state option for him.

"They were the first to show interest in me and they're the only ones to have given me a written offer so far," he said. "Coach Doman doesn't contact me quite as much as Coach Hill, but I've really grown to like the same things about him that I do about Coach Hill. He's a great guy, great to talk to and I really respect him and all the other coaches at BYU. You could definitely say the same things about both coaching staffs."

One of the main things Mathews wants in a football program is the type of family atmosphere that BYU has. He's not fond of the extreme showboating that goes on with other programs, instead preferring programs that are on a more even keel.

"That's a really big thing about BYU that I like a lot," he said. "I really love how family oriented BYU is with their team and with their coaches. It's all about family there and that's exactly how it should be. I love how they do things in the community with all their service opportunities. To me, that's something I want to do and be a part of."

Although he's received an offer from Utah State, he's yet to learn much about their program to this date.

"I'd love to learn more about Utah State, but I really haven't had that chance yet," he remarked. "One of their coaches came down and offered me and that's really about it. I'd definitely like to look at them more, since I know so much about BYU and Utah already."

Mathews is LDS but doesn't have definite plans to serve a mission, although it's certainly something he'll be looking into. TBS will be keeping track of Mathews throughout the recruiting process, as he looks to be one of the bigger in-state prospects for 2011.

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