BYU Takes Interest in Hansen

Chase Hansen caught the notice of the Cougar coaching staff after starring at both quarterback and strong safety for American Fork this past season as a sophomore. BYU is a school which Hansen has become very familiar with due to a lot of circumstances, including having a father that played linebacker for the Cougars back in the early ‘80s.

It's no surprise that Chase Hansen has received early attention from BYU and is likely to have that attention matched by other programs as he attends some camps and other functions that should serve notice regarding his abilities. In fact, it would be somewhat of a surprise if he weren't receiving attention from anyone when considering his bloodlines.

"My father [Brian Hansen] played linebacker for BYU and I have an uncle, Regan, who played for BYU as well," informed Hansen. "I also have an uncle that played for Utah and some other there and my Uncle, Bruce, played for BYU and went to the NFL."

Hansen is a 6-foot-3-inch, 198-pound quarterback/linebacker/safety prospect from American Fork High School. Or, more simply defined, he's being recruited as an athlete. The term ‘athlete' is an apt description for a kid who saw full reps at both the quarterback and strong safety positions as only a sophomore playing in the highest division of Utah prep football. He also stars on the hardwood and has played baseball, although he recently gave up a spot on American Fork's baseball squad to better concentrate on and get himself ready for the football season.

"It's not easy playing both sides of the football, but I love it and I hope to do it my next two years," he said. "I love playing quarterback, but I also love playing defense. I love to hit guys and although I want to play quarterback in college - that's my first choice - I'm open to playing on defense for sure."

At quarterback Hansen could best be described as a Dallas Lloyd-type in that he's given to scramble and run for yardage as much as he is to throw the football.

"I'd say I was about half-and-half this past season," he related. "I'd throw half the time, and the other half of the times I dropped back I'd end up throwing."

While he's due to receive a lot of recruiting attention, it's BYU that is currently showing him the most attention. After attending a Junior Day down in Provo he was met with an offer that could only be verbalized at this point due to NCAA restrictions regarding the offering of players before their junior year.

At the Junior Day Hansen was called up to head coach Bronco Mendenhall's office. He was admittedly nervous, but most of all excited.

"Having grown up in a BYU house, BYU was always the school we'd cheer for," he said. "It's fun because half of my family, my dad's brothers, are huge Ute fans, but we were brought up to cheer for BYU for sure. So when I heard that Coach Mendenhall wanted to meet with me, wow, I was extremely excited."

During the meeting the Cougar head coach expressed more interest in the important aspects of life other than football, something that has become the normal protocol for Mendenhall when meeting with prospects. For Hansen, it was thrilling to have the opportunity to meet with him, although it was also a bit intimidating.

"When you think of who he is, yeah, it's a little scary and intimidating," he noted. "He's just such a great coach, so having the opportunity to speak and to meet with him was just a great experience. We talked about religion more than anything and being a great person along with a great football player."

During the meeting Coach Mendenhall informed Hansen that they already had a written offer typed up and ready to send, but were waiting until he completed his sophomore season before sending it in the mail. For Hansen, it's something that he's always dreamed of having.

"BYU's my first choice for a school to attend for sure," he said. "I don't know for sure yet if that's where I'll go, and I'll listen to other people who are recruiting me, but I really like BYU and could easily see myself playing there. It's a great honor to be offered by them because it means that they're not only impressed with your abilities as a football player but how you live your life and what kind of person you are. I'm very honored to have been offered by BYU."

Where Hansen will play is certainly something that has yet to be decided. BYU has been up front with him, saying that they like him as a linebacker prospect due to his footwork, but did also tell him that they'll give him an opportunity to play quarterback if that's the position he's set on.

On defense he'll have a lot of opportunities to turn some heads, as he's set to represent the state in several 7-on-7 tournaments as part of the squad that will be coached by Bingham head coach Dave Peck. He'll first travel to Las Vegas, which will be followed up with trips to Texas and then to Philadelphia.

"I'm really excited for that," he said. "It's a great honor to be named to that team as only a sophomore. I'll be playing defensive back and hopefully we do well."

His summer plans also include attending both BYU's and Utah's camps, as well as participating in other opportunities that come up. As for the Utes, they have been in contact with Hansen.

"They're here all the time recruiting my teammate Ryker [Mathews], so they've talked to me as well," he said. "They say that they like me and that they're interested in seeing more of me at camps and during the next few seasons."

In being so young, Hansen doesn't yet have a plan on how he's going to go about the recruiting process, much less when he's going to commit.

"I really haven't thought about any of that yet," he summed up. "We'll just see what interest I get, which schools like me and the opportunities I'll have with those schools. I really do want to go to BYU, but I'm not quite ready to commit to them yet."

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