Langi Waiting to Fall in Love

Bingham's Harvey Langi is the top Utah prep recruit for 2011 and is currently sorting through stacks of letters just to find out who has officially offered him. As schools have been busy making overtures to him, Langi has responded in kind with a lot of unofficial visits to some of the top regional schools. He'll continue with these visits until he "falls completely in love" with one of them.

Harvey Langi is a 6-foot-1-inch, 208-pound running back prospect from Bingham High School that is simply being looked at by just about everyone at this very early stage in the recruiting process. So far he's garnered offers from the likes of BYU, Utah, Stanford, Colorado, Wyoming, UCLA and probably a lot more that he's just not aware of yet.

So how does he know that he has other offers? He doesn't, but if the amount of letters he has by his bedside are any indication, there are probably a good number of written offers among them.

"Just yesterday I was looking at my stacks of letters that I haven't opened," Langi said. "I seriously have piles of them and decided to open one from UCLA, and sure enough, there was a written offer from them there. I probably should have opened all of them when I got them, but now seeing that UCLA had offered and I didn't know, I'm going to try to go home tonight and open the rest of them."

With his bevy of letters and interest, coupled with a lot of exposure to schools such as BYU, Washington, Utah, Stanford, UCLA and many others, Langi has quite a bit to sort through before making his final decision. With trips loosely scheduled to Oregon and then to Miami, he's planning to look at as many programs up close before deciding which one to commit to.

"I'm just waiting for that moment on one of these visits - after the visit or just whenever - I'm just waiting to completely fall in love with the program before committing," he explained. "When that happens and I know that it has everything and that I'm completely in love with it, then I'll make my decision, but not until then."

As of right now Langi likes, but hasn't necessarily fallen in love with, some different programs. The schools that he really likes includes such local schools as BYU and Utah. Some have perceived that Langi isn't interested in staying in-state, but he argues strongly to the contrary.

"That's not true at all," he said. "I do believe that the competition is better out-of-state and that's the biggest reason why I'm looking at so many out-of-state schools, but both BYU and Utah and even Utah State are schools that I have a lot of respect for and schools that I'll strongly consider. I'm considering all of them now, so no, I definitely haven't written off staying in-state."

Recently many of his current teammates at Bingham have committed to BYU. Langi is very good friends with almost all of them, and while some players don't choose to pressure their teammates to commit to the same program they're headed to, he hasn't found that amidst his BYU-bound teammates such as Moses Kaumutele, Manoa Pikula and others.

"Oh man, they're always bugging me to commit to BYU," Langi said with a laugh. "It really hasn't stopped since each of them committed there. We'll be in the weight room and Moses or someone else will tell me that I can't lift a certain set of weights because those are BYU weights and only reserved for those going to BYU. So yeah, there's a lot of pressure. It's in good fun, but yeah, they really want me to go to BYU with them."

In being so close to each of his four teammates that have committed to BYU, it makes the decision that much tougher for Langi. He fully recognizes that it will likely become even tougher the longer he takes to decide.

"We are so close here at Bingham," he explained. "Our coaches really teach us to be together in everything and it would just be real easy to join with all the guys and go to BYU, it really would, but my final decision won't be based on going somewhere just because everyone else is. It's a plus, it's definitely a plus for BYU that they're going since I've played with all of them before and will be playing with them this year and we've seen so much success and I really want to continue with that success, but my decision will have to be made on what is best for me."

So what characteristics will his school of choice have to have?

"I really want a good environment where I can continue to grow and get good grades," he answered. "I recently got my GPA up to a 3.7 and I want to continue getting high grades. That's really important to me. I obviously want to go to a school with a great football program that focuses on giving the rock to their running backs. I want to go to a school that uses its running game well. I want a school where I can build great relationships with the professors as well as with the coaches. I want everything, everything that will make me the most successful I can be both on and off the football field. I just want to fall completely in love with where I'm going and to believe totally in everything they do."

This summer Langi expects to be very busy, as he aims to visit as many schools as possible while attending many national combines in hopes of widening his already broad array of options. There is no certain timetable in his mind on when he'll decide, but he believes that the moment will come when it will just hit him and he'll then know without a doubt which school he needs to sign with.

"I know that I can't just go along and not think about it, because if I do that for too long, then it will become time to decide before I know it and I don't want that," he summed up. "So I'm not going to go about this in a casual way, I'm really going to check out the schools and think about it a lot. I don't want to be pressured into a decision before I'm ready, so it's important to learn as much about everyone as quickly as I can."

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