Lopa Expecting More Offers

Sacramento's Grant Union High School has two very talented defensive line prospects manning the trenches in Vili Moala and Faigame Lopa. Lopa currently has three scholarship offers on the table, and after this weekend the 6-foot-2-inch, 245-pound lineman could have more coming his way.

When it comes to football, defensive lineman Faigame Lopa says he has "good get-off." In other words, he's quick off the line and can beat the opponent in front of him. His personal stats indicate he's probably correct in his self-evaluation.

"I've have 100 tackles and 20 sacks," said Lopa. "I also have six punt blocks and six fumble recoveries."

So what's this Samoan football player's secret to his success?

"Well, you gotta eat good before and after the game," said Lopa with a laugh. "I think most of it really is just working hard. I think that's it mostly. I do like to use the rip move and the bull rush though, and I'm pretty good at using those techniques."

Having a good bull rush requires good leverage and a strong core and lower body, and Lopa's self-reported bench press max is 385 pounds.

A number of schools have shown interest in Lopa, though not all have offered yet.

"I've got a stack of letters here," said Lopa. "I've got a bunch of them. I've got letters from Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Boise State, Oregon, USC and BYU. But right now I've got three scholarship offers. I got one from Washington State, Washington and Arizona."

Lopa has also been in contact with BYU assistant coach Brandon Doman.

"I did speak to BYU's quarterback coach and he told me to make sure I stay focused on my grades," Lopa said. "He talked about BYU and said there were a lot of Polys there at the school and on the team. He said it would be like a home away from home."

The Polynesian influence at BYU is something that appeals to Lopa.

"Honestly, I don't really know too much about BYU, but I thought it was cool that there are a lot of Polys there," he said. "The Polys don't talk back to the coaches and are more respectful, so it would be good to be around a lot of Polys."

Lopa may not know much about BYU, but he is familiar with the honor code and doesn't mind it.

"I don't have any problems not doing all those things," Lopa said about things forbidden by the honor code. "I already live that way now and just chill, so it wouldn't matter to me."

Lopa said he has a 3.7 GPA and will be taking the ACT this weekend. He expects more offers to come his way after passing the ACT.

Total Blue Sports will keep tabs on Lopa and any developments that may occur with BYU in the future.

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