BYU to Receive New Commitment over Summer

It's not official yet, but the BYU coaches will receive a commitment during their summer camp from a talented tight end/defensive end prospect with multiple family ties to the Cougar program. His uncle is BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae, and his brother played for the Cougars.

Near the red plateaus of Monument Valley lies Red Mesa High School located in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona in the Four Corners area. Here, Pita Olomua is not only the head coach of the school's football team but also the father of 6-foot-5-inch, 230-pound tight end/defensive end prospect Aulelio Olomua. Aulelio currently holds a scholarship offer from BYU, and has gained a lot of interest from other notable football programs both in and out of state.

"[Aulelio] went to the BYU contact camp in the summer," said Pita. "They were looking at him during his sophomore year, and then this past summer they finally offered him. There are a lot of teams that are looking at and writing him like Nebraska, Arizona, ASU and Colorado.

"Nebraska has been writing a lot and Colorado [has too]. Just about every day they send mail. Right now BYU is the only one that offered him, but they all invite him to come down to their Junior Days, but we live too far away and don't have time to go down. We live right in the Four Corners area, so it takes about five hours to drive down to ASU and then another seven hours to drive down to U of A."

Speaking of the University of Arizona, Wildcat defensive line coach Mike Tuiasosopo has been calling Pita and inquiring about his son.

"I just told him that BYU already offered him and they were the first one," said Pita. "They offered him last summer at camp and I gave him one year to think about it, and so this summer he should make up his mind to sign with BYU. It just makes things easier. My son has already made up his mind and he's going to play for BYU and concentrate on his senior year."

With Aulelio being LDS and the nephew of BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae, going to BYU only seems like a logical fit. Choosing BYU also allows him to not worry about the recruiting process from here on out.

"Well, BYU is doing good and they have a good class they just signed," said Pita. "I'm pretty sure a lot of good things are going to happen for them, but for my son, he just has the one offer from BYU right now. When you get too many schools coming at you they all start to sound the same. They start promising you the world and the kids get caught up in all that stuff. I just told my son, ‘If you would like to go to BYU then we'll just cancel everybody, concentrate on your senior year and move on.' He likes that idea."

Pita feels that committing to BYU will be a great thing for his son.

"The worst thing that can happen is getting too much attention," said Pita. "He's gotta focus on the one school that you want and cancel everybody else and commit this summer to BYU. We'll come back down there for the summer camp this summer, and that will be the plan to commit to BYU. We'll be down there for the Nike camp on June 6th, I think. Then he'll go to the BYU camp and commit. For him to come from here where he's the only LDS kid to go there and be around friend and those guys who are members of the Church would be good for him."

During his junior year, Aulelio recorded 94 tackles and a whopping 23 sacks. On offense he caught 34 passes for 569 yards and reached nine touchdowns.

"Well, he plays in the 2A so he's gotta make that many sacks," said Pita. "You know, I can't quite remember, but he has around 34 catches at tight end. BYU is looking at him as a defensive end, but as long as he keeps his speed he could probably play both if they needed him or wanted him to do that.

Aulelio is also currently ahead of where his older brother and former BYU receiver Bristol Olomua was in the strength department at this age.

"Out this age he's stronger than his older brothers Brad and Bristol," said Pita. "Right now he benches 285 but has those long arms, you know. He also squats around 350 pounds."

As for Aulelio's academics, having a father who is also a head coach makes it difficult to slack off in the classroom.

"Well, the classroom kind of stuff is a priority of mine," said Pita. "If you mess up it's going to be Poly style. I only tell you once, and if it's twice, something else is coming."

Pita has also counseled his son about committing to a school and making sure that his word is final.

"I told my son that if you do not want to commit to BYU, then don't," said Pita. "If you don't want to commit then we will open it up for other schools, and you can go on some trips to this school and see about that school. But if BYU is where you want to go, then commit to them and concentrate on your senior year, so that's what he's going to do and then just concentrate on his studies and finish strong his senior year. We don't want there to be any pullout at the last minute like what happened with some of the boys in Hawaii. If he's going to give his word, that's it and that's what he's going to do."

Total Blue Sports will follow up with Aulelio once he makes his commitment to BYU official.

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