California Lineman Gaining Attention

La Mirada High School is loaded with quality talent, including one LDS lineman that plays on both sides of the field. According to some evaluations, he could be one of the top linemen in the state of California. At the current moment this prospect isn't receiving much BYU interest, but he hopes that will soon change.

Isaac Luatua is currently receiving quite a bit of interest from quality football programs from various conferences across the nation, and according to at least one source at Scout, he could be one of his state's top prospects.

"Brandon Huffman said he could be one of the best linemen in the whole state of California," said La Mirada High School head coach Michael Moschetti.

So why is Luahua considered one of the top California lineman prospects?

"I just try and get after it and be the best I can be," Luatua said. "I play offensive guard and on the defensive line and don't really care what position I play at the next level. I'll just do whatever is needed, but if I had a choice I would rather play on the offensive line. I really like to be aggressive and hit people as an offensive lineman. I play the exact same way on both sides of the ball."

"A lot of schools like him as an offensive lineman and a lot of schools love him as a defensive lineman," said Coach Moschetti. "He's just a guy that you put his tape on and watch three plays and can shut it off. He does it all and his freshman year he actually played some fullback. That's how athletic he is. He's also the center for our basketball team and just has great lateral movement for his size."

With about a 3.0 GPA, Luatua is getting it done in the classroom as well as on the football field. He also has performed well in the weight room and can put up some very impressive numbers for being a junior prep player this year.

"I'm pretty strong in the weight room," said Luatua. "I bench around 340-350 and squat around 550 pounds.

Moschetti said the 6-foot-3-inch, 295-pound Luatua runs a legit 4.9 forty.

"He benches 225 24 times and squats 550," said Moschetti. "He's just a big, strong, mean Samoan kid on the field, but off the field he is quiet and very respectful."

The junior lineman is currently receiving a lot of interest, and Moschetti has received quite a few calls from college recruiters.

"Just about everybody in the country is looking at him," said Coach Moschetti. "Everybody from Florida State and Coach [Rick] Trickett was on the phone with him for a half hour last Friday. Coach [Steve] Addazio from Florida was on the phone with him and Coach Chuck Heater [was as well]. Ohio State and Notre Dame are looking at him as well, so just about everybody. Alabama and Clemson have called me also and he doesn't have an offer yet, but everybody that I've talked to said they're close to offering him."

"I talk to a lot of schools like Notre Dame, Nebraska, UCLA, Florida and Florida State," said Luatua. "I'm going to UCLA this Thursday to visit the campus and talk to the head coach."

Coach Moschetti believes many offers will be on the way now that film of Luatua has been sent out.

"The problem is no one has seen him in person, but he's probably going to get his first offer Thursday by UCLA," said Coach Moschetti. "He's going up to UCLA on Thursday. I was also on the phone with Coach Martin from Washington and they were going to look over him as a staff tomorrow. He's going to get offered by everybody around the country and it's still early. His film is just getting out there and it's been out two weeks now."

Luatua is hoping that BYU will joining the group of programs that has taken an interest in him.

"I haven't heard from them yet," Luatua said. "Hopefully I'll get a call or start receiving interest from them soon. That would be great. BYU is a pretty good school and I'm LDS. I'm interested in them but just haven't heard from them yet but hopefully in the next couple of months. I also have family that live out in Utah and I know there are a lot of Polys over there. I think it would be great to be around other LDS Polys."

Luatua is related to former UCLA lineman Shannon Tevaga, and also has another relative that played football at BYU.

"I know that if I had a chance to go up there I would be around my family more. I'm also related to Vince Feula, who played for BYU. He's my cousin and I'm sure if I talk to him about BYU he would want me to go there. I just want to play football at the next level and I'll even go out of state to do it. It doesn't really matter to me. I would go anywhere because I just want to play football."

Luatua doesn't know at this time whether he will serve a mission or not.

"I'm really strong in the LDS faith, but when it comes to serving a mission, I'm still thinking about that right now," Luatua said. "I'm not sure right now. I do want to play football, get a degree and win a championship. That's a goal that I have and I'm working towards that."

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