Cougars Interested in Cusick

Kalvin Cusick from Timpview High School is currently hearing from BYU and other major Division I programs, and after a standout performance at a recent combine, that attention is likely to increase. Recently, Cusick made his way to a BYU practice session to see the team up close, and TBS caught up with him after to learn of his thoughts on BYU and recruiting in general.

Kalvin Cusick is a 6-foot-3-inch, 284-pound offensive line/defensive line prospect from Timpview High School. He recently participated in a combine in Southern California in which he went against some top national talent and came away with the top lineman award. It was the first of many combines and camps that he plans to attend, as he plans to get his name out there.

Cusick intends on staying extremely busy this coming summer, as he has plans to attend both BYU's and Utah's camps, combines at UCLA, USC and Oregon, and also make a trip to Notre Dame. The goal, as with most recruits, is to increase his options in regards to where he'll play and attend school at the next level.

"I'm a West Coast guy, so I'll look to stay here out west, but I really like Notre Dame," said Cusick. "My older brother, Alek Cusick, plays for UCLA, so I'll definitely look at them along with a bunch of other schools."

While he likes several out-of-state programs, that's not to suggest by any means that he's not interested in local schools such as BYU and Utah.

"I love both BYU and Utah and their programs," said Cusick. "I've always been a fan of BYU and recently I've started to like Utah more, so those are definitely two schools I'd want to go to."

BYU is the school he knows the most about, and is also the in-state school that is pursuing him the most currently. Cougar assistant coach Brandon Doman approached him shortly after this past season to inform him of BYU's interest in him as a player.

"It was great to have him tell me that they were interested," said Cusick about Doman's overtures. "I know a ton about BYU, obviously, since they're so close to home. I have a lot of friends that are in the program and I know that they love it there."

His associates in BYU's program include primarily Michael Alisa, who he's very close to, as well as Bronson Kaufusi, who will be joining the team in two years following his mission to Auckland, New Zealand. In being a lineman at Timpview, Cusick was able to go up against Kaufusi many times during practices, and like most, he's very impressed with his former teammate's abilities and potential.

"Bronson is just awesome," he said about Kaufusi. "He's also a great guy and I've learned a lot from him. It would be great to play with him and with Michael at the next level."

Cusick is LDS and would like to serve a mission, although he doesn't have definite plans to do so as of yet. One of the reasons BYU is attractive to him is due to their willingness to work with those plans.

"BYU obviously is somewhere where I can serve a mission and they'll work with that," he said. "I know from my brother and from others that it's not the case with some other schools with letting their guys serve missions, so that's a big plus for BYU for sure."

Cusick is hoping to hear from more schools other than BYU. Chief among those schools are such programs as Notre Dame, which was the first to contact him, and Utah.

"Notre Dame is real interested and I'm excited to go out there this summer to see them up close," he said. "Utah, I just love how they do things up there. I love their team, their defense and how they play. I'll be going up there to learn more about them."

Cusick can play on either side of the ball but would prefer to play along the defensive line in college, although he's certainly open to play offense. One of his biggest attributes is his strength, as he was able to lift the 185-pound bar 29 times during his recent combine visit to Southern California.

"I can bench 405 and I squat 500 right now," he related. "I'm a very aggressive player and I just love to play. I love dominating guys and I'm going to work very hard this summer to prove to coaches that I deserve some offers. I'm excited to go out there and prove myself some more to them."

So what type of school would Cusick like to play for?

"I want a school with good academics, that's the first thing for sure," he answered. "I also want to play for a program that wins. Being part of a winning program is very important to me."

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