Seniors Reflect on Final Spring

After Saturday's wrapping up of spring camp, the seniors within the program have closed one of many chapters in their football careers. Those same seniors now look towards the summer and fall, all while reflecting on their time at BYU.

It was a mixed bag when some of the seniors were asked to look back over their final spring camp. For some, the notion that spring camp was over was thought provoking, while for others it hadn't really sunk in yet. For defensive end Vic So'oto, the realization that this is indeed his final spring camp has finally been realized.

"This is definitely it for me and the last spring camp that I'll ever be a part of as a Cougar, but I couldn't think of a better group of guys to experience my last spring camp with than these guys," said Vic So'oto. "The great thing about this group of guys is this really is a young but very hardworking team. They're fast learners and talented and very disciplined, and I think this group of guys are going to carry this program to new heights. Coach Mendenhall has a great program and a bunch of young bucks to carry the torch."

Brian Logan transferred from Foothill College to BYU last year, but didn't arrive in Provo until after the spring.

"This was my first and my last spring camp [at BYU]," said Logan. "I actually enjoyed this spring camp more than last fall camp. This spring I felt more polished and competitive and didn't have Coach Hill breathing down my neck like I did last fall. Back then, I didn't know what I was doing, and it was like what Coach Hill likes to say, 'I just got off the yellow bus.' This time around, I got off the private jet in first class."

"You know, spring camp has been a really good experience," said Brandon Bradley. "This is it for many of us and I think we're making the most of it and just trying to make it fun. We want to make this the best we can not only for ourselves but to kind of set the tone for the younger guys coming up. It went by so fast and [we] really have to look at what we gained over spring and build that momentum for the summer and fall. I think things will probably hit me more that this is my last camp when fall is over."

For a while there was a question of whether or not Harvey Unga, who has become BYU's all-time leading rusher, would come back for his senior year. Now that he has returned, the fact that his career is winding down hasn't quote hit him.

"To be honest with you, I haven't really thought much about this being my last spring camp," said Unga. "It went by really fast and a lot faster than I anticipated. In looking back, all of the spring camps that I've been in have seemed like a very long thing. This spring camp flew by and is now gone. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my time during this spring camp. Maybe that's why it went by so fast. I think I'll probably think more about things when we finish fall camp, because right now we still have summer workouts and fall camp, so I haven't really thought about this being my last spring camp. I'm sure it will all hit me later in the season."

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