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The Cougars just wrapped up their spring camp after a lot of new faces got a chance to shine at various positions under the microscope of dissecting coaches. Armed with a greater understanding of their team, the coaches will now go back to their laboratories and begin putting the team pieces together in preparation for fall. But what about the players now that spring is over?

With spring camp over, there will be a bit of a rest period for the players, but not much.

"Well, now that spring is over we'll have our finals first, then a little bit of a vacation," said Cody Hoffman. "We'll have about two weeks off and then it's back to work here. We'll be back at it again."

"Now we have a couple of weeks off to get tests over with," said Brian Kariya. "As soon as spring semester is up, we're right back in the weight room working out. All of us guys will get together and hit the basics: bench press, squats, cleans and lunges. It will be a four-day-a-week thing where we all get together and go through our workouts. We'll also run and work on our conditioning to stay in shape that way to be ready for fall."

Hoffman, who did very well for himself over spring camp, will be going through his first summer at BYU after arriving on campus last fall.

"I've heard about the summer workouts," Hoffman said. "I've never been through a [voluntary] summer workout yet and this will be the first year that I do this. I've just heard all these crazy stories about it. That Coach Omer will get you tough and get you to where you need to be."

For cornerback Brian Logan, the time after spring camp will be used to work on schooling and also getting himself healthy.

"For me, I have time to get ready for finals in two weeks," said Logan. "After that I'm going to have surgery on my hernia and then rest for about two months and then get back to work with Coach Omer. Coach Omer has already put ten pounds on me, and so when I do get back into the swing of things I have to be careful I don't get too big that Coach Hill complains about it."

Harvey Unga wants to use the down time to not only improve himself, but others on the team as well.

"My goal over summer is to just prepare for fall ball," said Unga. "I want to carry a lot of the momentum we built up over spring and use summer to prepare for my final season. I want to have a bunch of player run practices just to stay productive and keep what we gained over spring fresh. All the running backs will get together for film sessions and us older guys on the team will do our best to help prepare the younger guys. That will be something we'll do over summer. We'll have our player run practices where we'll go through our player-run drills. We'll pretty much just run our own little practices and everyone will be there doing their own part, and it's very beneficial in what we do."

"Spring ball was a really big success in my opinion in so many ways," said Kariya. "We were able to see so many different guys get reps and develop on a fairly rapid pace and have success. I feel that momentum is going to carry over into the summer and then into next fall. I think the coaches did a great job of allowing some of the younger guys to have success, guys like Josh Quezada and Jake Heaps and [Devin] Mahina, among others.

"Even some of the younger offensive linemen, now getting their feet under them, are starting to really come along. I think a lot of these guys will just continue to get together and work on things they learned over the spring on their own over the summer. That's one thing I've noticed about this team is it's a very hardworking group of guys, and I don't expect that to change now that spring is done."

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