BYU Receives Cornerback Commit

Coaches received a cornerback commitment from someone that may help further call for a switch in coverage tendencies in the near future. It's been no secret of how much the caliber of play BYU has received at the cornerback position since last season and with this key junior college commitment, that trend looks to continue.

DeQuan Everett is a 6-foot-2.5-inch, 198-pound cornerback recruit from Cerritos Junior College in California. He received offer from Oregon State and others out of high school but failed to qualify academically, forcing him to go the junior college route. It was there he excelled in the classroom, preparing himself for the not only the rigorous academic regimen BYU has, but also the often perceived rigorous honor code standards.

Everett, just minutes after his commitment, said he doesn't see BYU's standards as being rigorous, however.

"BYU is perfect for me and I really got interested in them when I learned of their honor code," he said. "I'm serious about being grounded in my academics and with things that will make me not only a better football player, but a better person. So because of that, I think BYU is the perfect school for me."

Everett was offered by schools such as Southern Miss and New Mexico, but decided upon BYU due to the school's winning tradition and because he was very impressed with how the team practiced during a recent visit. Like most recruits who end up committing to BYU, Everett was also impressed with the demeanor of head coach Bronco Mendenhall and the rest of the Cougar coaching staff.

BYU was first turned on to Everett late in the process. Assistant coach Steve Kaufusi made the first contact about a month ago. As is the case with too many junior college athletes, he wasn't a known commodity until after this past signing day.

"I was real impressed with Coach Kaufusi's way he went about talking to me," said Everett. "He's a very down-to-earth person and I love that. He let me know that BYU was a different place than other schools with it being a Mormon school and all, but to me, that's a plus."

His education on BYU continued in earnest as he visited the campus a week after Coach Kaufusi first contacted him. During his visit he was able to attend a team practice and came away very impressed.

"I was blown away by their facilities, but also by how aggressive they were during practice," he observed. "It was almost like it was a real game with how they were going at each other and I really loved that. I love a team that practices hard and goes at it, so it was after that practice that I really started thinking that I was going to end up here."

BYU offered Everett a week after his visit to the campus, and he decided that BYU was the place for him following visits to Southern Miss and New Mexico.

A glance at his stats may indicate that Everett is best suited to play either boundary cornerback or even at safety, but that is a notion he quickly dispelled. He considers himself a lockdown cover corner, as does the BYU coaching staff, apparently.

"I run a 4.42 electronic-timed forty and I can cover and keep up with anybody," he said. "I can hit, but my real strength is my man-on-man coverage skills. We played a lot of man-on-man with some cover-three and cover-four at Cerritos, and with what I've seen from BYU and from what coaches explained to me, I'll be a very good fit in their defense."

Everett will be joining BYU this fall, and he'll have three years to play two. He'll anxiously learn from and compete with two players that he got along with great from the second he stepped onto BYU's campus in senior cornerbacks Brian Logan and Brandon Bradley.

"Brian Logan was my host and he couldn't have been more helpful," he said. "He was the perfect guy to show me around. Seeing him and the success he had as a first-year player, I knew that I could have some of the same success. He's not Mormon and I'm not either, so it was great to learn from him how it was at BYU and how easy it is to fit in even if you're not Mormon.

"Brandon Bradley is Mormon and I spent a lot of time with him as well," he continued. "So it was great to hear a perspective from a Mormon and a non-Mormon on what BYU is like and how to succeed there. I can't wait to get there and learn even more from them."

As mentioned, Everett also likes the Cougar coaching staff and cited it as possibly being the main reason why he chose to commit to BYU.

"Coach Mendenhall cares for you as a person first and a football player after that, which I love," he said. "He's just like the rest of the coaching staff in that they really care about the players and their progress off of the football field as well as on. Coach Hill, I can't wait to play for him. He teaches great defense and I'm excited to be part of what he has planned there."

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