LDS Lineman Currently Has Nine Offers

One of the top offensive linemen in the state of California currently has nine offers on the table from schools in the Pac-10, MWC, WAC and SEC. Although there are many top programs recruiting this LDS athlete, there is one school he hopes will join the others by pulling the trigger and extending an offer.

How things have changed for Isaac Luatua since his last interview with Total Blue Sports. The 6-foot-2-inch, 298-pound Luatua, rated the 19th offensive guard prospect in the country by Scout, has now received a number of scholarship offers with more to surely come.

"I have scholarship offers now from UCLA, Tennessee, Boston College, Washington State, Wyoming, Colorado State, New Mexico, Syracuse and Arkansas," said Luatua. "Yeah, a lot has changed and I think it's pretty good. They've finally seen my film and have seen that I can play."

Recently, Luatua made a trip out to Boston College and paid a visit to Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State with teammate Bryan Peters. Although the Blue Devils, Tar Heels and Wolfpack haven't offered him yet, they are recruiting him.

"North Carolina is pretty stacked on the offensive line," he said. "They said they could probably use me on the defensive line though."

When it comes to either staying in the Golden State and playing close to home or going away for school, Luatua doesn't have a preference.

"I don't really care," he said. "I'll go anywhere for the chance to play. Most of the coaches that have offered me want me to play center."

Although a tough and aggressive guard, Luatua said he wouldn't mind playing center in college.

"If a coach switches me to center, that's fine," he said. "I just want to get on the field as quickly as I can."

Right now Luatua is being recruited the hardest by Tennessee.

"It's a big-time program, but I don't know right now," Luatua said regarding how he feels about Tennessee. "I don't really have a favorite. They're the one hitting me the hardest out of any of the other schools. They email and call my coach almost every day and stuff. They have a new coaching staff out there right now and Coach Hiestand, their o-line coach, is the one recruiting me. He's a cool guy and a pretty good coach and stuff.

"Right now I'm just working hard and trying to prepare for next year," he added. "I'm not really thinking much about the recruiting process right now. I just want to get ready to play for next year, and so I'm focusing on that right now. I'm just lifting weights and trying to build on my strength and get bigger and faster."

In the weight room, Luatua has put up some impressive numbers for a junior.

"Right now I bench around 345-50," Luatua said. "My squat is around 510-520 on a good day."

As for BYU, the Cougar program has taken notice of Luatua and even made a visit to his school on Wednesday, much to his excitement.

"BYU came to my school today!" Luatua said. "Their offensive line coach [Mark Weber] came by my school to watch us work out today. He couldn't say anything to us and just talked to our coach. I don't know what they were talking about but I know he liked me. He was watching us do footwork drills and seeing how quick we could move our feet. We were just doing some o-line stuff."

There is a good chance BYU could be extending an offer to Luatua here soon. The fact that Coach Weber has been out to see him run through drills in person could help speed up the process and tip the scales in his favor.

"That would be really good," said an excited Luatua. "Being LDS and having a BYU scholarship would be really good. I was born and raised in the Church and having a scholarship from them would be a big factor in me going there. Ever since I was growing up I really liked BYU. I just like them a lot and would be in my top, but Tennessee is recruiting me the hardest right now."

Luatua is closely related to former BYU defensive lineman Vince Feula. The two are cousins, and Luatua speaks to Feula from time to time and keeps him informed about how the recruiting process has progressed.

"I just tell him who offered me and stuff," Luatua said. "He's been through all of this kind of stuff before too, and so I just tell him who's offered me and who is recruiting me. Of course he wants me to go to BYU. If I get offered by them he's going to tell me, 'Go there, go there.' I know that's what he's going to tell me."

Though interested in BYU, Luatua isn't familiar with the Cougar campus.

"I've driven by a few times when we go visit family out there in Salt Lake City," Luatua said. "I've never been on their campus or anything like that though. I plan on going out there this summer though when I go to their camp. I'm going to the All-Poly Camp for a few days, and so I'll probably stop by for the BYU camp for a few days also. I would like to meet all the coaches and players."

Luatua said he currently has a 2.9 GPA and took the SAT earlier this month. He said he would like to make a commitment decision sometime before next season starts up.

"I'd just like to focus on my senior season," he said. "I would like to get it done, like around August or September, so I don't have to worry about things anymore."

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