Hansen Has Two Offers

American Fork's Chase Hansen recently garnered his second offer, with many more likely on the way since he looks to be one of the top in-state prospects for 2012. While he's been receiving some attention from out of state, it's the two big in-state programs that are showing him the most interest early on.

Chase Hansen is a 6-foot-3-inch, 200-pound prospect from American Fork High School. He could best be described as an "athlete prospect" given his ability to play more than one position at the next level. While most teams are looking at him as a safety or linebacker prospect, there has been some interest shown in him playing quarterback at the next level.

Those schools showing interest in him possibly playing quarterback are Oregon and Utah. While Oregon coaches have yet to offer him, they're sending him a load of letters and making phone calls expressing a lot of interest in him playing quarterback for them in college. Utah meanwhile recently offered him following their Junior Day.

"They made it clear that they're offering me as a defensive player," said Hansen about Utah's offer. "But they did tell me that they'd give me a chance to play quarterback there if that's what I wanted to do. I like having that option, so I really like that Utah has interest in me playing both positions."

Utah's offer followed up an earlier offer from BYU, which was presented to him strictly as an offer to play on defense.

"BYU hasn't really talked to me at all about playing quarterback," mentioned Hansen. "I don't know if I'll play quarterback or try to play quarterback in college, but having that option is a very good thing in my mind and something I really like about Utah."

Hansen's athletic makeup makes him more of a possibility to play in an offense such as Utah's or even Oregon's, as he currently takes off to run as much as he drops back to pass while playing quarterback. With BYU largely being an offense that employs a classic drop-back type of quarterback, it makes some sense as to why BYU would show no interest in him as a quarterback prospect.

Hansen enjoyed his Junior Day visit to Utah and commented on how impressive it was to listen to Ute head coach Kyle Whittingham and other coaches. Pac-10 expansion, something that Whittingham described as "being a big possibility," was discussed with the recruits according to Hansen.

Although many recruits could be swayed by Utah's chances of joining the Pac-10, Hansen isn't one of those recruits.

"It doesn't really matter in my mind and I'll look at BYU and Utah the same way no matter what conference they're in," he said. "They're still going to be the same schools. They're not going to change all that much with what they both are as programs in my mind. They're both already big programs, so I don‘t see that changing much."

About a week after his visit to Utah's Junior Day, Hansen got a phone call from Whittingham himself and received a scholarship offer.

"That was really cool that Coach Whittingham himself called me up to offer me," said Hansen. "That was real impressive and I was honored. They haven't given me a written offer yet since they can't because I'm yet to finish my sophomore year, but it's nice to know that their head coach would take time to call me and to offer me."

Hansen's plans this summer include visits to both BYU's and Utah's camps, and he also hopes to take a trip out to Oregon and attract some more interest from the Duck coaches.

"I've always liked Oregon and watching them play," he said. "I think I could play quarterback in their system. I don't know if they'll offer, but they are calling a lot and showing some interest, so I'd love to go up there and see them closer and maybe let them know more about me and my interest."

Other schools that are showing some interest through letters are such programs as Stanford, Oregon State, Vanderbilt and Wyoming.

Although he already has garnered a lot of attention, Hansen is fully aware that he has a lot of time between now and the first week of February in 2012 to make his final decision. Considering that he could play any number of positions, that decision could be more complicated for him than for most recruits.

"I'm going to play both positions again this year and we'll see how it works out and what I think I'll do best at in college," he summed up. "I'm not putting a lot of pressure on myself, but I do want to decide whether I'll play defense or on offense in college. I'm very thankful for the interest that both BYU and Utah have shown in me already."

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