Mulitalo Prepares For Cougar Fall Camp

Some early high graduates from the heralded 2010 recruiting class had shown well during this past spring camp, and Cougar fans should expect more of the same come fall camp when those currently in high school join the rest of their teammates this fall.

Manu Mulitalo was named the MVP at the USC Nike Camp that saw more than 300 kids gathered for "the most talent-laden events" ESPN's Greg Biggins ever covered in the West region. Named among the best of the best, Mulitalo is currently preparing for BYU's fall camp.

"I'm doing good and have been lifting and running to keep in shape for the fall," said Mulitalo. "I've been getting a lot stronger and more agile. My feet are getting better. Right now I bench 405 on the bench press and squat 585."

Along with his Nike Camp honors, Mulitalo was also named the top offensive lineman at the All-Poly Camp last year and most outstanding lineman at BYU's padded camp. Mulitalo is currently making sure that he continues down the road to success by working out just about every day with his uncle Cujoe Mulitalo.

"He pushes me really hard," said Mulitalo about his uncle. "He conditions me a lot and makes me lift a lot and do drills after school. A lot of it is fast paced repetitions to get me used to stuff. I work out almost every day after school. We got a BYU weightlifting book they gave us after signing day. I've been lifting and working out under BYU's program since signing day.

"I run a lot of shuttles and one-drills and do basic drills like ladders and hurdles. The hurdles are about a foot off the ground and it makes you pick your feet up when you run. On top of that I do boxes where you have to stand and jump up on a box over and over again. I do this just about every day."

In 2009 Biggins described Mulitalo as a "physical road grader type" who "finishes his blocks well, moves his feet well and has great punch." Currently, Mulitalo comes in at 6 feet 3 inches and 329 pounds, and looks to continue his road-grading description as a Cougar guard. During a visit to BYU during spring camp, Mulitalo wanted to suit up and get in the mix.

"When I was there watching one of their practices during spring camp, I thought they looked great," he said. "It was great to see how well the team cooperated and worked together. It was amazing to see how well the offensive line knew each other and how well they worked together. They were all like family out there. Coach Weber told me to watch closely what they're doing. I just wanted to throw on some pads right there and practice with them."

He also got a chance to see some of the true freshmen from his signing class perform.

"Oh man, I thought Jake [Heaps] was doing good," Mulitalo said. "If he keeps that up I think he'll have a really good chance to start. He was doing really good out there and it was a lot of fun watching him throw the ball around.

"I also thought the running back [Joshua] Quezada did really good too. He ran really hard. I was impressed with a lot of the younger guys coming up on the team. It's great that I'll have a chance to play with those guys this year."

When Mulitalo finally gets to BYU and joins the rest of the 2010 recruiting class out on the practice field, he expects to be as fully prepared as he possibly can.

"I just want to be as ready as I can because I'm going to play for a year, and then I might turn in my papers to serve a mission," Mulitalo said. "I'm not quite sure yet, so if I don't decide to do that I'll just stay and play four or five years straight. If I do go it won't be until after a year though. I turn 19 in November so I would still go through the first season. If I decide to go right after I turn 19 I would have to turn my papers in early so I could go right after the season."

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