Langi Assessing and Preparing

Bingham High School running back Harvey Langi recently listed BYU, Stanford and UCLA as his stop three schools, but is in no rush to commit yet. He's been making unofficial visits to various programs and seeing how they stack up to his personal litmus test.

Now that the season is over, Utah's top running back prospect – and the tenth-best in the nation according to Scout – is hitting the weight room in preparation for his final season at Bingham High School.

"I'm benching around 335 and squatting around 474," Harvey Langi said. "I weigh around 220 and I'm going to try and stay around 215 or 220. I just want to stay around there. I don't want to get any bigger than that.

"Right now I'm working out over at SPARQ and just running drills, drills, drills. We do a lot of power lifting and quickness and reaction drills, just about everything. Everything you can think of, we do over there. I feel a lot faster and feel really good this year. Mostly, I'm just focusing on training right now and that's about it."

Langi has also spent time attending various combines and camps, including some that host some of the nation's best high school athletes.

While participating in the Miami NFTC, Langi was named the camp MVP. He narrowly missed earning MVP honors at the Los Angeles NFTC and at the Badger/New Level 7-on-7 Tournament held in Las Vegas back on March 5.

Langi, who is LDS, has a good group of Division I offers. He currently has offers from BYU, Stanford, Utah, UCLA, Wyoming and Colorado, and is receiving interests from USC, Miami, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Alabama and LSU.

"I've been traveling around and going on unofficial visits and doing combines," said Langi. "I've been out to Miami, Cal, USC, Stanford, Washington and just about everywhere. I've just been going around and checking some things out like the environment and the different schools and stuff. When I go and do combines I just go around and check out the different towns to see what the area is like."

When visiting those various college towns and cities, Langi has seen a variety of environments.

"USC is in the middle of the ghetto," said Langi. "UCLA is right there by Beverly Hills. The weather down at Miami is great and the campus is nice, but outside that area it's different. I'm looking at all those things."

As for the schools themselves, Langi is looking for some specific criteria.

"I'm looking at the environment and how the program is doing," said Langi. "I'm also looking how at the coaches are and how they run their program. I'm looking at the schools and how the campuses are, what the education is like."

If Langi commits to BYU, he would be the fifth Bingham Miner in his class to commit to BYU. His teammates Manoa Pikula, Baker Pritchard, Moses Kaumatule and Kesni Tausinga have all committed to be Cougars. Meanwhile, he would also join four others (Jordan Pendleton, Iona Pritchard, Remington Peck and Austin Holt) that are either at BYU or will soon be joining the team following a mission.

"They all just tell me to commit to there," Langi said. "All of those guys just tell me I should just make my decision and just go there and get it over with. Kesni probably rides me the most. He's my good friend, so we're pretty close. Everyday he just tells me to stop screwing around and commit already."

Despite Tausinga's advice to ‘commit already,' Langi isn't in a rush to decide.

"I'm not really sure when I'll make a decision," Langi said. "I'm just going to let it hit me. I'm not sure exactly when, but I know it will come. I'm just not sure when."

That's not the only big decision Langi has to make, as he is still mulling over possibly going on a mission.

"I don't know if I am or not right now," he said. "I just don't know yet, I really don't. If I don't go, that's one reason why I want a good environment, because an environment can influence any person. I'm just looking out for that and feel it's a big thing."

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