BYU Interested in Another Bingham Prospect

BYU has already offered five prospects from Bingham for 2011, four of which have already committed. But the Cougar coaches may not be done, as they appear to be very interested in offering at least one more. TBS caught up with this prospect to learn more about him and where he's at in the recruiting process.

Jordan Hicks is the latest Bingham prospect to capture the interest of BYU coaches. Hicks plays left tackle for the Bingham Miners, although he's capable of playing all the other positions along the offensive front.

In measuring in at 6 feet 5 inches and 265 pounds, he looks every bit the part of a Division I prospect.

"I'm very light and quick on my feet," said Hicks. "I love playing basketball but had to quit concentrating on that so I could focus more on football, but playing basketball really helped me with my agility and with how quick I feel that I am."

He cites his pass-blocking ability as his strength, which is a bit unusual for most high school offensive linemen.

"I have good technique and I know how to use my size to my advantage," said Hicks. "I can run-block well too, but pass-blocking is what I'm best at."

Bingham is chock-full of Division I prospects for 2011 with players such as linebacker Manoa Pikula, defensive ends Baker Pritchard and Moses Kaumutele, defensive tackle Kesni Tausinga and running back Harvey Langi all garnering a lot of interest and offers, and all but Langi having already committed to BYU. Hicks would love to follow suit, although he certainly isn't a lock for BYU.

So far four Division I schools have shown him a lot of interest in BYU, Utah, Stanford and Utah State. Of those schools, he's had the most contact with and is most familiar with BYU.

"Coach Doman is someone I communicate with a lot," informed Hicks. "Back when I attended their Junior Day, [Bingham head coach] Coach Peck told me that BYU was going to offer me, but then they decided to wait until they saw more of me."

As is the case with most recruits who haven't been offered yet, Hicks will most likely acquire the coveted Division I football scholarship offer this summer by standing out in camps.

"I'm going to go one week to BYU's padded camp and then one week to Utah's padded camp to hopefully show them that they should offer me," he informed. "I know BYU is serious about the possibility of offering me, and when Utah contacted me about two or three weeks ago it was sort of a surprise, but I'm definitely interested in them as well."

It doesn't end with just BYU and Utah, as Utah State has been very active in recruiting him of late.

"They've told me that they only have room for two more in-state offensive linemen, but that they're really looking at me to be one of them," related Hicks. "I'm going to go up there for their Junior Day and check them out more as they seem really interested."

Stanford was the first school to contact him and he aims on taking unofficial visit there by this coming weekend. Just a half hour following his interview with TBS, Southern Utah called to inform him that they were going to send an official offer to him through the mail.

With Bingham sending so many of its players to BYU and with so many of his current teammates already committed to the program, one could assume that Hicks would follow suit if offered. However, according to him, it's not that simple.

"I like BYU for sure, but I don't have a favorite school right now," he said. "I want to see what offers I get and then decide from there. BYU is probably my favorite school to watch, but that doesn't mean that I'll go there if both Utah and BYU offer."

Hicks holds a very high GPA of 3.97 and has ambitious plans to pursue an education in medicine in pursuit of becoming a doctor.

"Education is definitely the most important thing for me in choosing a school," he explained. "Next would be the coaching staff and the facilities, with the third thing being an opportunity to play early and compete. I don't want to wait around to start until my junior or senior year."

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