BYU to Receive Offensive Line Commit

A very athletic top Southern California prospect will inform Cougar coaches on Monday night of his commitment to sign a letter of intent with them come the first week of February. His name should be a familiar one, as his brother passed through the program recently.

Stehly Reden is a 6-foot-6-inch, 235-pound offensive line recruit from Valley Center High School just north of San Diego. He recently experienced a bit of a growth spurt, which turned many college recruiters his way. Last season he played offensive line, outside linebacker and tight end, and after sending out some film he saw some rapid response from coaches.

"It was probably the best money I ever spent," said Reden about the investment he and his family made in putting together some great highlight footage of his junior year. "Right after I sent it out I was getting calls from every Pac-10 school. Coaches from Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State [came] down here to visit me and I even got some offers."

His first set of offers came from San Diego State and Colorado State before a school that he was particularly familiar with came through with its own offer this past Wednesday.

"BYU is my top school, so when they offered me on Wednesday, I didn't have to think about it long," he informed. "They first contacted me about three weeks ago when Coach Reynolds came down to meet with my coaches, and when they offered I couldn't have been more excited."

Reden's offer came via a phone call from Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall, who informed him that he'd be receiving an offer within the next few days.

"He told me that they really liked what they saw on film and that they were excited to have me come to their camp this summer," he said. "When Coach Mendenhall called me, I couldn't have been more excited and after talking it over with my family, I decided to commit."

Reden's interest in BYU was enhanced by his older brother Garrett's experience in the program. Garrett had his career end abruptly in 2009 after sustaining a career-ending injury just as it looked as if he'd play a significant role on BYU's offensive front.

"Everything Garrett has told me has been positive," related Reden. "He says Coach Mendenhall is not only a great coach, but a great person who really cares for his players. He's told me great things about Coach Weber too and how he coaches his players."

Reden has been down to BYU several times to see his brother perform and was able to get close to the team, and he came away liking what he saw.

"Whenever I was down there I knew that BYU was the place where I wanted to play most," he said. "That's why I committed. I knew I could get some more offers if I waited, but BYU is my top school, so why wait? I'm just glad that they're interested and that they offered me because I didn't hear much at all from them until three weeks ago."

Part of the reason why Reden has come onto the recruiting scene relatively late in the process may be explained by the fact that at this time last year he was only weighing in at 205 pounds. But after some concentrated weight gaining, coupled with a standout performance his junior year, college recruiters took quick notice.

"I knew that I wasn't going to play anywhere weighing 205. I mean, where could I play and what position could I play at that weight? So I got with Garrett and he explained to me some good methods that he used to put on some weight while at BYU. It's all about eating protein at the right time and I've really done well with that. I've put on about 30 pounds of solid muscle and will try to put 30 more pounds on by the time I join the team at BYU."

Reden does have plans to serve a mission, but will play a year before his mission service.

"I'll turn 19 in March, so I'll definitely play a year," he explained. "Hopefully I can get home a bit early from my mission so that I can play spring ball and get right back into it my first year back."

For right now, he's just excited about the opportunity he has to play for his top school.

"I love BYU and I love that they have a great environment. It's just something I wanted so much. It's happened really fast and last week I was excited about Oregon State mostly and I know that if I waited and went to some camps, that I would have gotten some Pac-10 offers, but when BYU showed interest and then offered me, that was it. BYU is the only place I want to go and now to have that opportunity, I couldn't be more excited."

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