Lesatele Commits Instantly

Most recruits stew over their commit decision and weigh all of their options, but with some, they know beforehand where they want to play and will quickly commit upon receiving an offer from their top choice. Such was the case with Lene Lesatele, who committed to BYU Thursday night literally seconds after receiving his offer.

Lene Lesatele is a 6-foot-2-inch, 230-pound linebacker prospect from Cerritos, California that was first contacted by BYU just a week ago when assistant coach Steve Kaufusi dropped by his school. It was then he was given a strong indication that BYU would be offering him a scholarship soon, and that offer came even sooner than he expected.

"I knew they'd offer, but I didn't think it would be for at least another month or so," said Lesatele shortly after committing on Thursday. "I called up BYU today to talk with Coach Mendenhall and when he offered me over the phone, man, I couldn't believe it. I was stunned."

He immediately accepted the offer, as BYU was his first choice and always has been.

"I knew I'd commit to them whenever they offered, so when they offered tonight, I took it and committed," he said. "BYU is number one in my heart and it's not even close. I love everything about the school and talking to Coach Mendenhall tonight, I like them even more."

As is the norm, Mendenhall didn't focus on football, instead preferring to start off his conversation with Lesatele by talking about his family and about BYU's standards and educational opportunities. Lesatele really took to it, and it only worked to confirm to him that BYU was indeed the right place for him.

"That's what BYU is, it's all about family and being a good person," he said. "The education is very good and it's always great to have that so you don't have to completely rely on football, but [have] something to fall back on. Coach Mendenhall really wanted to know about my family and asked me a lot about them, which was really cool."

The ironic thing about Lesatele's strong attraction to BYU is that he has yet to step foot on campus, but through many conversations with close friends, he's come to know that BYU is exactly where he needs to be.

"I don't know anyone that has been on the team, but I know tons of people that have gone to school there," he explained. "They always tell me about how great it is to be around other LDS people and how spiritual it is and how much you can grow spiritually while you're there, which is the most important thing for me. It's a great school for academics too."

Lesatele has also become fairly familiar with BYU's football program, having watched most of its games every week from his Southern California home.

"I'm a huge fan, always have been," he said. "I watch them all the time. I love how they play and I feel that I'll fit in great with their defense. I can play either inside or outside linebacker and I think I can help them out right away."

Lesatele's film shows a player that loves to hit and play downhill. He's quick to close the gap, while his superior size and strength enables him to shed most blocks.

"I love blitzing off the edge and coming right at the quarterback or running back," he said. "I'm very aggressive and I'm very intense on the field. I just love to play and run people down."

Lesatele is LDS, but does not have definite plans to serve a mission as of yet. He chose BYU over schools such as Washington, Hawaii, Air Force and Nevada, all of which had already offered scholarships. There were also many more that were likely to follow suit.

For him, however, it didn't make much sense to wait for whatever offers may have come his way, as BYU is clearly his top school.

"It's not even a question in my mind that BYU is my number one school," he summed up. "BYU has it all, everything I need to achieve my goals. There's no other school like BYU and it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to go there. I can't even tell you how excited I am right now to have this opportunity and I'm going to work so hard while I'm there to be the best player and person that I can be."

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