Hinds Gains Ground and More Attention

One of Utah's top instate prospects now has four scholarship offers, and two more Pac-10 schools have also jumped into the recruiting mix. Total Blue Sports caught up Davis High School defensive end Troy Hinds for the latest recruiting report.

Coming in at about 6 feet 5 inches and 225 pounds, Troy Hinds stands head and shoulders above most on the football field. But when he lined up at the starting line for the state track and field championships, he really stood out both in size and performance.

"I won region in the 100 meters and ran an 11.4, I think," said Hinds. "I think that's pretty good. I also ran the 200 meters and then the relay. We won region in the 4x100 meter relay and in the medley, and in state we did pretty good too. We took second in state and I think Riverton High School took state."

In the 200 meters Hinds ran the third-best time, coming in at 23.89 behind Bountiful High School's Zach Andrews (23.42) and Tyler Farr (23.84). He also placed third in the relay race he ran with his older brother – and Weber State running back commit – Tanner, as well as fellow football teammate Ben Keaton.

With track out of the way, Hinds is now free to devote his time to other things.

"Now that track is done, I'm just going to focus now of football," said Hinds. "I'm going to start getting ready for the season and I'm going to start working on some speed training. I'm going to start working on some basics up at Weber State."

BYU and Utah were the first to offer Hinds a scholarship, but they weren't the last. His recruitment has increased as of late.

"It's heating up a little bit but it's not too bad," he said. "BYU and Utah have already offered me and Nebraska [as well]. Washington State has offered me too and ASU and Oregon State are now recruiting me. Those are the two new schools that have started to look at me. Arizona State and Oregon State have come by my school. I talked to the coaches for a little and they said they were interested and stuff. The said they wanted me to come to their camps and all that."

A humble and unassuming young man, Hinds said the recent attention he's received from top college programs has been a little strange.

"It's kind of weird but I'm getting used to it," he said with a slight chuckle in his voice. "There isn't a lot of pressure right now, but I don't know, it's kind of different but not too bad."

This summer Hinds plans on attending some camps where he can put his athletic skills on display. So far, there are three camps he's looking to attend.

"I'm looking to go up to Utah and BYU's summer camp," Hinds said. "I might go to the All-Poly Camp too. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll go to that one."

Quarterback coach Brandon Doman is the BYU coach currently recruiting Hinds.

"I like him a lot," Hinds said about Doman. "He's someone that's easy to talk to and that's because we have a lot in common. I like that about him because while most of the other schools talk about football, we talk about other things as well. He's different from all the other college coaches and we have more to talk about. With other coaches, it's just straight football because that's what they're looking at. Being able to talk about other things is a positive."

A versatile athlete, Hinds gives college coaches an array of options at the next level. His size and speed should allow him to play a number of positions.

"BYU and Utah are looking at me for whatever," he said. "They're looking at me for defensive end, tight end and maybe even outside linebacker. It's not really a set position. BYU was saying that I would fit in really good with their type of defense. I would like to try it out and I've played outside linebacker in 7-on-7s down there."

Meanwhile, it appears as though other schools are looking at Hinds primarily as a prospect for the offensive side of the ball.

"The coaches of ASU [and] Nebraska has said they might want me to play tight end," said Hinds. "I talked to the coaches of Washington State and they said that I could probably play tight end too, but I haven't really thought much about it. Last year I only played a little bit of tight end to help block, but hopefully this year I'll play more tight end. I should have a better feel for it this year and what I want to play more."

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