Changes for Hansen

Top 2012 in-state recruit Chase Hansen has recently undergone some changes that will have some impact on how he's recruited. TBS caught up with Hansen to learn of those changes and how colleges are reacting to them.

Chase Hansen is a 6-foot-3-inch, 210-pound athlete that recently made the decision to transfer to Lone Peak High School to finish out his final two years of high school football. He'll leave an American Fork program that a lot of his friends play for, but has some very solid reasons for doing so.

Hansen is an athlete in every sense of the word, and he simply can't be pegged to play any particular position in college at this time in his football development. Having starred on both offense while playing quarterback and defense while playing safety, his options are pretty open regarding which position he could play at in college.

BYU was the first to take notice and offered him as an athlete, but Cougar coaches did indicate that they want him to play inside linebacker for them. Utah then came along with an offer, indicating that they wanted him to play quarterback - although defense would be a ready option if he chose the defensive side of the football.

Hansen is still unsure which position he'll play in college but wants to keep his options open, which was the primary reason behind why he chose to transfer from American Fork to Lone Peak.

"We're getting a new coach this year and he's installing a wing-T offense that wouldn't make it possible for me to play both sides of the football," he explained. "With me running and getting hit so much running the wing-T, my father and I thought it best that I go play for a school with a drop-back system, like Lone Peak, so that I could still play both sides of the football."

Hansen's dad Brian is very aware of the rigors it takes to play and excel on the football field, having played for BYU himself during the early 80s. With his experience and know-how about football in general, he counseled his son that if he were to remain at American Fork, he would only be playing on the defensive side of the football.

"I want to keep my options open on what position I'm going to play," said Hansen. "I'm confident in my abilities in playing defense, but this year, I really want to focus on becoming a great drop-back quarterback and see if I can make it in college playing that. I really like playing quarterback and would love to play quarterback in college."

To aid his development at quarterback, he recently attended a session at the Playmaker Football Academy in Provo and hopes to attend many more.

"It was my first time there, but I'm definitely going back," he said. "I want to go back as much as possible. There are great instructors there and I could tell what they were teaching me were things I needed to learn. I won't be able to go back this next week, but I plan on attending every week after that if I can."

Hansen was able to attend the Playmaker Football Academy with two of his future teammates at Lone Peak in Kyle and Micah Hannemann.

"They're both great athletes and there are a lot of great athletes at Lone Peak," observed Hansen. "I'm really excited to play with those guys. There's a lot of talent there. I'll miss American Fork and the good friends I made there and they'll be really good too this year, but for me, I felt it was best that I transferred to Lone Peak."

By transferring from American Fork, Hansen will be leaving his very close friend and fellow top in-state recruit Ryker Mathews. Although Mathews is fully supportive of his friend's decision, Hansen is fully aware that he'll be gunning for him come next season.

"Oh yeah, he'll be coming after me hard," said Hansen. "He's already told me that."

On the recruiting front, BYU and Utah still stand has his two solid offers, although he's hearing a lot from schools such as Oregon, Utah State, Washington State and Idaho State. Many more are sure to throw their hats in the ring within the next two years.

A negative for BYU's chances with Hansen came with the coaches not recruiting him as a quarterback, although that has changed in recent weeks. BYU's quarterbacks are coached by someone who is very similar athletically to Hansen in Coach Brandon Doman, and Doman recently indicated to Hansen that they'd be interested in him playing quarterback at BYU.

"I remember watching him play and yeah, we talk a lot about that," Hansen said about the prospect of possibly following in Doman's footsteps. "Coach Doman could run the ball very well, but he also learned how to throw it well and that's what I'm trying to do right now."

By the end of this upcoming football season, Hansen hopes to have made a decision regarding what position he'll pursue at the collegiate level.

"That's the plan," he mentioned. "That's why it was so important for me to transfer to Lone Peak so that I could play both on offense and on defense. We'll know by the end of this year and it's really a test for me to see if I can play well in a drop-back system. We'll talk it over at the end of the year and hopefully I'll know by then. At least that's the plan."

In his immediate future, Hansen plans on staying busy this summer with combines and camps. The first of those will be this weekend when he travels up to Washington for a combine. Shortly after that he hopes to attend the camp of a school that he's taken particular interest in.

"One of my coaches at A.F. has some ties to Oregon and really talked them up to me thinking I'd be a great fit for their offense," he related. "So yeah, I really want to go up there and see what they're like and if I like them and the school. They've already shown a lot of interest and hopefully I get an offer. I hope I get a lot more offers, but we'll see what happens."

Hansen also plans on attending both Utah's and BYU's camps during the summer, as they're certainly two of his top schools as well.

"Oregon's exciting to me just because they're out of state and I've never really seen a school out of state before, so I like that I may have that option to go out of state," he explained. "I really like both BYU and Utah though. I just want to see what else is out there because I know both BYU and Utah pretty well I think."

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