Recruits Report on BYU's Junior Day

About 200 athletes showed up on BYU's campus for Junior Day activities. Some were there to put their skills on display for Cougar coaches in the hope that they could receive an offer, while others had already committed to BYU.

"I thought I did really well, along with all of the Bingham boys," said BYU defensive lineman commit Mosese Kaumatule. "I thought we did well in the drills and in the one-on-ones and we really showed up. I think everyone was impressed by what our school had to offer. I think the BYU coaches were also impressed with us and proud of us too."

Kaumatule was there with fellow Bingham teammates and Cougar commits Baker Pritchard, Manoa Pikula and Kesni Tausinga. Among some of the other Bingham players in attendance was recently offered outside linebacker Jared Afalava.

"[Afalava] was looking good as usual," Kesni Tausinga said. "He was doing one-on-ones with the o-linemen and was doing really well. I thought that was great because he's going to be playing outside linebacker, so he's going to be going up against all those big o-linemen.

"Jared is a stud and he did really, really good in the one-on-ones," Kaumatule said. "I thought he really showed up and dominated out there. He's a stud. I also thought Austin Heder from Pleasant Grove did really good out there too. He's pretty dang good."

Heder did in fact put in an impressive performance.

"I kind of tweaked my ankle a couple of weeks ago so I had a brace on," Heder said. "I didn't go full speed and was cautious on my cuts and stuff, but in the timed drills that we did I had the top speed among all the middle linebackers. I had the fastest time with the agility drills and running with Coach Tidwell timing us, which is good. It was tough and they ran us pretty good, seeing who could keep their legs for the one-on-ones."

Another lesser known Bingham offensive line prospect that fared well was Alex Kaumateau.

"[Kaumateau] really proved himself out there," Tausinga said. "I don't think BYU was really looking at him over the past couple of months, and then during the drills I don't think one person got past him. He did really well and during the one-on-ones. He really did well. He's got that strong punch."

BYU recruit and Bingham running back Harvey Langi was also in attendance.

"Yeah, I talked to Harvey afterwards and he said he liked it a lot," Kaumatule said. "He was just cramping up and was sore. He said he didn't do his best because he was doing seven-on-sevens this past week and he was still pretty sore. He said he thinks he could have done a little better, but I think he's still a stud. He just needs a little downtime I think, but he was still tearing it up out there. The coaches kept calling him back out to do one-on-ones against other kids. They already know what Harvey's got but they wanted to see how the other kids stack up."

Cottonwood High School prospect Ben Heimuli, a cousin of BYU fullback Anthony Heimuli, also attended BYU's Junior Day. He was a standout player at the All-Poly Camp a few years ago as a tight end, but has since switched positions and is doing well.

"I don't think BYU's offered [Heimuli], but he was playing middle linebacker," Tausinga said. "I thought he did really well and he'll be a junior this year."

Standing above the rest at Junior Day was big BYU offensive lineman commit Ului Lapuaho.

"He's around 6'6" and was playing left tackle," Tausinga said. "He's really strong and there is no question about his strength. Yeah, he's really strong and that was one thing I remember about him."

Another offensive lineman that stood out was American Fork player and BYU recruit Rykert Mathews. Word has it that Mathews has been invited to the Army All-American Bowl.

"I kept seeing that kid go up against other kids, and man that kid is a beast," Kaumatule said. "He is so good and was just shutting kids down at the o-line. I'm hearing BYU has the inside track on him and was one of the first to offer him. Man, he's a good kid."

In the secondary, one prospect that stood out during the drills was Alta High School defensive back Austin Lee.

"He's a year younger than me, but man that kid is dang good … He's a good kid and a stud and I know him a little bit from SPARQ, where we work out," Kaumatule said. "He's a real humble kid and I like him a lot. He did really well out there."

Among the quarterbacks in attendance was BYU commit Alex Kuresa from Mountain Crest. At 5 feet 11 inches, he may not have been the tallest among the quarterbacks, but what he lacked in size he made up in ability.

"I didn't know how good he was, but that kid can throw," Kaumatule said. "He's a mobile quarterback and can just throw the ball anywhere. He's a good kid and was the quarterback that stood out among the kids out there. He's not very tall but he makes up for it by how he plays."

Among the wide receivers at Junior Day was one with a last name that should be familiar to all BYU fans. That player was Dylan Collie, younger brother of Cougar receivers Austin and Zac Collie. Dylan plays for Oak Ridge High School in California, and Kaumatule said he was tearing it up on Friday.

"He was doing pretty good and was catching some balls out there," Kaumatule said. "He's not very tall – I would say around 5'9" or 5'10" – but he's fast. I was watching him for a while and he was doing really good out there."

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