Pulsipher Shines at BYU Nike Camp

From California's Temecula Valley High School, 6-foot-2-inch, 210-pound Mike linebacker Adam Pulsipher put on a strong performance at the Nike Camp held at BYU on Wednesday. A part of a strong group of linebackers from a number of different states, Pulishper ended up standing above the rest after the final drill of the camp concluded.

Among a solid group of football prospects representing many states at BYU's Nike Camp, Adam Pulsipher rose to the top.

"I think I did well and the Nike Camp was great and I learned a lot," Pulsipher said. "There was a lot of really great competition here today and a lot of great players. I couldn't have asked for more. I came to the Nike Camp at USC but felt here at the camp here I performed much better. I think I did really well out there today."

Pulispher competed well at the beginning of the camp, but really began to shine as the drills wore on.

"I think I just started to loosen up more out there as time wore on," said Pulsipher. "I've been at [BYU's] camp all week and so my legs were a little sore and tight, but as the camp wore on I felt myself getting better and better. I was able to perform well more towards the end of camp than at the start because I was a little tight in the legs."

Being a little tight in the legs didn't seem to stop Pulsipher from showing the goods. In the one-on-one drills, he simply dominated. No one could contain him, and he showed his excellent side-to-side agility and pass-coverage ability. Pulsipher was on the back pocket of the generally smaller competitors and was more physical and faster to the point of attack than those his size.

At one point a receiver went to jam Pulsipher at the line of scrimmage, but the receiver fell to the ground and Pulsipher stumbled over him. After the two went to the ground, Pulsipher was able to get back up and pursue the receiver and knock the ball to the ground.

In the end, Pulsipher was recognized for his camp performance.

"I received the linebacker MVP award and that's a great honor, and I guess that means I'm the toughest guy here, right?" said a humble Pulsipher with a laugh and a smile. "No, I'm just grateful I was honored as being named the best linebacker for the BYU Nike Camp. The camp coaches said I was really physical and definitely improved a lot, because I had worked before with a lot of them. They told me to just keep getting better and improving."

Pulsipher currently has several offers, but after Wednesday's performance there is a good chance he might be receiving some more.

"I have offers from Buffalo, New Mexico State and Yale," he said. "My brother [Austin Pulsipher] plays football for Yale. I'm hearing from schools from the Pac-10 and San Jose State, Fresno State from the WAC and San Diego State and BYU."

Pulsipher is actually being noticed by a number of different Pac-10 programs.

"I'm camping at USC, UCLA, Washington and Arizona State," he said. "I'm getting letters, email and phone calls from those schools as well. I've just pretty much been in contact with all of them and they've come by my high school."

Pulsipher came up to BYU's Junior Day and is also involved with their summer camp. He is also the younger brother of BYU walk-on quarterback Andrew Pulsipher, and will be meeting soon with BYU coaches following the camp.

"I love the coaching staff and I'm just trying to prove [my worth] to them at a time when the scholarships are few here at BYU. I'm meeting with Coach Tidwell soon and he said they have a plan. We'll see what they have to say. I know scholarships are tight this year but we'll see what they say when camps are done."

The Pulsipher family is LDS, and Adam's father is a former bishop. So, BYU's principles and values would naturally seem attractive to him and his family. But while he is hoping for an offer, he isn't getting his hopes up just yet.

"Well, I don't want to think and get my hopes up and then be disappointed," said Pulsipher with a laugh. "When I did receive word that Coach Tidwell wanted to meet with me, I was pumped. I was excited but I was also reserved and wanted to keep my excitement in check. I'm just confident that if I just keep working hard, I'll end up at the right place. "

Stay tuned Cougar fans, as Total Blue Sports will follow up with Pulsipher once the BYU camp is finished to get word on how his meeting went with Coach Tidwell.

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