BYU Commit Shines at Nike Camp

Big 6-foot-7-inch, 225-pound Timpview High School wide receiver and BYU commit Colby Jorgensen put on an impressive performance in both the SPARQ testing and seven-on-seven workouts during BYU's Nike Camp on Wednesday. Jorgensen's eye-popping performance was enough to rank him among the top athletes in the nation.

Colby Jorgensen is the newest BYU commit out of Timpview High School. In the past, Jorgensen hasn't been to many camps, at least not any national recruiting camps. But after Wednesday's BYU Nike Camp performance, he could go from being a relatively unknown player to one now placed on the national map in terms of top Nike Camp performers.

"The overall highlight for me at the Nike Camp was when I was at the ALA combine this morning," Jorgensen said. "I got a SPARQ rating of 125.8, and that is fourth in the nation right now for everyone that's done the SPARQ rating."

Being ranked fourth in the nation in the SPARQ rating is somewhat mind-blowing. The ratings are based on categories designed to measure an athlete's speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness.

"There is the kneeling power ball throw, a pro-agility shuttle, a 40-yard dash and a vertical," Jorgensen said.

Just to give college football and BYU fans alike some idea how incredible Jorgensen's SPARQ rating is, let's make a few comparisons, shall we?

Let's take Super Bowl Champion and former USC Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush for example. His SPARQ rating was an incredible 93.38. Heisman Trophy winner and Florida Gator Tim Tebow scored a 96.92 in his SPARQ. So, Jorgensen's SPARQ rating of 125.8 shows just how incredible and eye-popping his performance really was.

"My vertical was 34.8 and my forty was a 4.6 flat," Jorgensen said. "My power ball throw was 45.5 feet and I scored a 418 on my agility run. That's fourth in the nation right now and I would say that was a great day."

A great day? Absolutely it was. When one can blow away some of the top college players' and Heisman Trophy winners' SPARQ scores by about 30 points, that's saying something.

"It's definitely weird and I never thought I would be up there like that," Jorgensen said humbly. "It's definitely from all the hard work I put into it."

That hard work, coupled with natural ability, definitely paid off. Jorgensen was named the Nike Camp wide receiver MVP and also got the award for the top SPARQ rating of the day.

At BYU, Jorgensen is penciled in as an athlete recruit, and that's for good reason. There are a number of different positions he could end up playing for the Cougars.

"I'm kind of an athlete right now, so either tight end – and that's a strong possibility because of BYU's strong tight end tradition – [or] BYU might have me try outside linebacker or defensive end. If somewhere down the road I put on weight, then [I could play] offensive lineman, so those are the four possibilities that I have right now."

Jorgensen committed to the Cougars after BYU extended an offer following Junior Day evaluations. He quickly snatched up one of the Cougar program's few remaining offers despite the fact that more college programs, some in big-time conferences, would surely come calling. Some might wonder why Jorgensen wouldn't wait and see what's out there.

"BYU is always the school I've wanted to go to," Jorgensen said with a smile. "It's a family school and I've got family there. I have a brother [Austin Jorgensen] who is going to play linebacker at BYU, and a cousin – Spencer Hadley, who is currently serving an LDS mission – that's going to play at BYU when he comes off his mission soon.

"BYU is just the best place to be if you want to play tight end. BYU is also the best place to be in the nation if you're LDS and want the type of environment that's there and be around the type of coaches that are there. It's just the place to be."

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