Pulsipher Receives Coveted Cougar Offer

In a recruiting year in which there are so few scholarships remaining, the coaches of BYU aren't going to give the remaining few out to just anyone. Rather, these remaining few are like the golden tickets found in only a few bars of chocolate in the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.' Well, Adam Pulsipher has found his golden ticket.

Adam Pulsipher comes from a family of five brothers, and all of them love football. The third boy in the Pulsipher family, he is a 6-foot-3-inch, 225-pound middle linebacker.

On Thursday Pulsipher finished up camp around 11:00 a.m., checked out of his Cougar dorm and went out to lunch with his family before being called into Coach Mendenhall's office for a meeting.

"I walked in with my mom Ann and my two younger brothers Addison and Anson, and Coach Tidwell and Coach Weber were sitting there with Coach Mendenhall in his office," said Pulsipher. "I was excited, but then I was a little nervous because I didn't know what was going to happen. I just didn't know what to expect. I know when you're called into Coach Mendenhall's office, it's a big deal. As I got closer to his office, my excitement definitely started increasing.

"It was really interesting because Coach Mendenhall walked over and started talking to my little brother Anson and asked him how his experience at the BYU camp was. My little brother is only seven years old and was at the BYU Cub Camp. He had a blast and it was funny having him with us. He was pumped out of him mind when Coach Mendenhall walked over to him and started talking to him. For a little kid like my brother, that was exciting."

After speaking with Anson, Coach Mendenhall then spoke to 6-foot-4-inch, 210-pound Addison, Adam's bigger-yet-younger 14-year-old brother.

"He talked to him about our family and wanted to know how he was doing and how the week went," said Pulsipher. "It went great for all of us."

Coach Mendenhall then had Anson read something to everyone in the room.

"He had him read the first part of the Articles of Faith," Pulsipher said. "That when we were talking about the purpose of BYU and how that specific article talks about doing good to all men. Coach Mendenhall said that this is the purpose of his coaching staff and how his staff tries to put forth these types of values. He talked about how BYU covers everything: the spiritual aspect, the academic aspect and the football aspect, and that's what makes BYU unique."

Anson wasn't the only one assigned by Coach Mendenhall to read to the assembled group.

"He had my younger brother Addison read a quote also and that was really great," said Pulsipher. "He read some things about what makes BYU different than any other school. It was funny because he was reading from a Church magazine called The Ensign. There was one quote by Gordon B. Hinckley talking about the purpose of BYU as an institution. It was a quote that talked about the spiritual aspect and that the school's purpose is to build testimonies as well as educate the students. This was really cool, definitely something I'll remember for the rest of my life. It was just great that Coach Mendenhall allowed my two younger brothers to be a part of this experience."

After Addison and Anson finished reading, Coach Mendenhall turned his attention to Adam.

"Mendenhall talked about how they recruit and what they look for in a football player," he said. "He explained the uniqueness of the situation because of the scholarship numbers. He then signed a piece of paper, handed it to me and then had me read it. That's when I got really excited! I read it aloud."

That piece of paper was the scholarship offer he had been waiting for.

"I was really excited," he said. "BYU is a place that I was hoping to go to and I worked really hard to try and make that happen. They told me that the scholarship numbers were very tight but they can guarantee me a spot. The only thing is the scholarship won't pay for the first semester next fall, unless something works out. So I would either have to greyshirt or walk on for the first semester. Then the full-ride scholarship would be in affect come the next semester. Coach Mendenhall said I would have my choice of either two unless something works out, and if something does, then the scholarship would start this fall.

"Coach Tidwell, the linebackers coach, and Coach Weber, who is the recruiter in our area and often came by my school, were definitely pulling for me. They really were hoping something would work out for me despite the scholarship numbers. Coach Tidwell, Coach Mendenhall and Coach Weber said that because of my performance at the BYU Nike Camp this week, and at their camp, that was kind of the deciding factor for the whole staff. They all pretty much agreed on it that they would find a way to get me a scholarship."

Despite his excitement, Pulsipher hasn't yet committed to be a Cougar.

"I'll be back home on Saturday morning with my family. I just want to meet first with my family, pray, and then we'll see from there."

Cougar linebacker coach Paul Tidwell, who would be Pulsipher's position coach at BYU should he indeed commit, also met with Pulsipher in his office.

"I walked into Coach Tidwell's office and the first thing he hands me is an article that was done on me at the BYU Nike Camp," Pulsipher said. "It was pretty funny reading that, and Coach Tidwell just said, ‘Great job at this week's camp,' and that they were impressed with me at their camp. I don't know why they printed it off and had me read it, but he wanted me to read it."

That article featured a quote from Pulsipher stating, "When I did receive word that Coach Tidwell wanted to meet with me, I was pumped. I was excited but I was also reserved and wanted to keep my excitement in check. I'm just confident that if I keep working hard, I'll end up at the right place."

Well he just received his golden ticket. The ticket is from a school that bears the name Brigham Young, who once said, "This is the place."

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