BYU Extends Offer to Big Utah Lineman

On Thursday, Coach Mendenhall sat in his office with an offensive tackle from Davis High School and extended a full-ride scholarship offer to play for the Cougars. A BYU summer camp MVP for offensive linemen, this big athlete was extremely excited about his offer from BYU.

The Cougar coaches are out in full force evaluating and offering those prospects found worthy of a BYU scholarship. One such individual is 6-foot-7-inch, 250-pound Zach Lindsay, a 15-year-old junior-to-be offensive tackle.

"I was at BYU's Junior Day and they recognized me there," Lindsay said. "They told me to come to their summer camp, and so I did and did really good there too. I was named one of the MVPs for BYU's camp. I did really good out there for their padded camp. I did really good on the one-on-ones. "

After the summer camp, Coach Mendenhall wished to speak with Lindsay, so on Thursday both Lindsay and his mother Rosemary visited with BYU's head coach.

"Me and my mom met with him and he offered me in his office," said Lindsay. "I just thought he wanted to talk to me about how good I did at the camp. He said I did pretty well.

"He also talked about how the school was and how close to the Church it was. He talked about maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher in college and about working hard. He also talked about getting closer to God. I had a really good feeling about the things he was saying to me. He said that after seeing me play, he thought about it and had a good feeling about me and that's when he offered me a scholarship."

Upon realizing he was being offered a scholarship to play football at BYU, Lindsay said he was overcome with emotion.

"I just wasn't expecting it at all," he said. "He had me read the paper and that's when I knew it was a dream come true. I was very emotional and my eyes were tearing up. My mom was very surprised also and was really happy."

Following his meeting with Coach Mendenhall, an excited Lindsay shared the big news with his loved ones.

"Yeah, I told all my family that I was offered by BYU," he said. "They were all very excited and couldn't believe it. They were all really surprised too because nobody knew it was coming."

Lindsay didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall while in his office. Instead, Coach Mendenhall gave Lindsay some advice to follow before he made his decision.

"Coach Mendenhall told me to go and pray about it," Lindsay said. "Coach Mendenhall wanted me to wait a while and pray about it so I know it's the right choice. I'm still praying about it and that's what I'm going to do.

"Coach Mendenhall is such a great guy," continued Lindsay. "He's so spiritual and really cares about the players and the school. I could tell that when he offered me my scholarship, I really felt like he cared about me a lot."

Lindsay, who is LDS and African American, went to a few BYU home games last year. He holds BYU as one of his favorites for some pretty obvious reasons.

"BYU is the only church-related LDS school," Lindsay said. "That's why it's one of my favorite schools. The fact that I got offered to play there is very special to me."

Lindsay is very close friends with fellow Davis High School teammate Troy Hinds, who also has a scholarship offer from BYU. The two have spoken briefly about possibly playing together at the next level.

"Yeah, I told [Hinds] and he was excited for me," said Lindsay. "He is one of my very good friends and we're always hanging out together. We talked a little bit about playing together and we're very close. We haven't really decided on anything right now though, but he was every excited that I got an offer from BYU."

Regardless of which school he commits to, Lindsay plans on serving a mission.

"I'm going to play one year, then leave on my mission," he said. "I'm really young, so I'm going to wait a year then go after that."

Although only 15 years old, Lindsay is very mature for his young age. He's already identified three things he would like to have at the college level.

"I want a good education first of all," he said. "That's really important to me. I would like to play at the [NFL] level one day, and so being in a good program is something I want to look at. Also, being in a good environment where I can be around good kids and not have to worry about being pressured to do things that go against my standards. I want to go to a school that is a good influence on me. Just about everyone there [at BYU] is LDS, and so it would be a good influence on me, I think."

On top of being a right offensive tackle, Lindsay also plays basketball for Davis. One can only guess what position he plays on the hardwood.

"Yeah, I play center," he said with a laugh. "I'm just tall and have a big body. I dressed for varsity in the state playoffs and we went to the state championship. This year I'll get playing time on the varsity team. Hopefully I'll get some playing time this year."

It's almost certain that anyone his size in high school is going to get playing time at just about any sport they choose. When that size is coupled with athleticism and smarts, then that athlete doesn't just get playing time at the high school level – he gets an offer from BYU.

"Yeah, I've got pretty good footwork and that helps me in basketball," Lindsay said. "As an offensive lineman, you have to be really smart and be one of the smartest people on the field. So you have to have good football smarts as well as good footwork. Coach Weber said at the summer camp that I had improved over the week. He also said that I was a fast learner and that I worked really hard. I'm just glad they noticed me and offered. I'm pretty excited about that."

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