Judson Prospect Camps at BYU

One of the top prospects from one of the top high school programs in Texas made his way to BYU's camp this past week. Following a week of working out with BYU coaches and familiarizing himself with the school and football program, he was met with a scholarship offer. TBS caught up with this Judson prospect to learn of how his week went and where he's at in the recruiting process.

Trent Matthews is a 6-foot-3-inch, 190-pound defensive back prospect from Converse Judson High School just outside of San Antonio. Having broken his leg just prior to last season, he's had somewhat of a late jump on getting noticed by potential recruiters, but through some impressive performances, more than one school has come calling.

"I have offers from Colorado State, Colorado, Rice and now from BYU," he informed. "My top three schools are Colorado State, Rice and BYU right now, and I have an official trip scheduled to Colorado State in September."

Although he was only able to play the final two games last season due to his leg injury, Matthews made a big impact that didn't go unnoticed by potential recruiters, as he recorded 21 tackles and an interception while playing free safety for his team. After some impressive camp performances, he's getting noticed and should be due to receive even more offers.

He definitely has the athletic goods to make it and even star at the next level. At a Rice camp he recorded a 4.49 forty, and he possesses above-average athleticism that has enabled him to star not only on the gridiron, but on the hardwood as a guard for Judson's basketball team.

With the Judson football coaching staff having established some close ties with BYU's coaching staff here of late, it was recommended to Matthews that he make the long trip up to BYU to see what the school was all about. After a week in Provo, he came away impressed.

"It was great up there with the cooler weather and BYU is a great place for sure," he related. "I liked the people I met and I had a great time. BYU is a good school that has a lot of the same standards as I do even though it's a Mormon school and all that, it has the same standards that I have for myself being a strong Christian."

Matthews is part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at his school, which is a group that promotes clean-living similarly to BYU's honor code.

"It's all the same pretty much, so no, fitting in at BYU wouldn't be a problem for me at all," he said.

While at BYU's camp, Matthews worked out a lot with current Cougar defensive coordinator and defensive back coach Jaime Hill. During the week he formed a liking and respect for Coach Hill that led him to believe he'd be a good coach to play for in college.

"He's a quality guy and a quality coach to be sure," said Matthews of Coach Hill. "I wanted to see what BYU's defense was all about and how he plays his defensive backs and yeah, I could definitely see myself fitting in with what they do with their defense at BYU."

He was also able to meet with head coach Bronco Mendenhall, who he also came away impressed with.

"Meeting with him was great, as he explained to me exactly what BYU was all about and what would be expected of me if I went there," he said. "It was a real good meeting and I liked how he was and how he talks to you. He'd be a real good coach to play for. Coach Mendenhall and the rest of the coaching staff sort of reminded me of my coaches here at Judson with how they do things, which I like a lot."

Matthews was a met with a written offer from BYU following his camp experience there, adding to the aforementioned offers from Colorado, Colorado State and Rice. He's happy with his offers, but would welcome other offers if they should come his way.

"I'd love to play close to home here in Texas for a school that has good standards, like a TCU or a school like that," he said. "I'm not set on playing in-state, but I would like to play close to home. But if BYU or another out-of-state school is my best option, then absolutely I'll go to the best school and football program for me."

Matthews' primary goal for when he goes to college is to study medicine, as his family is full of people working in the medical profession.

"I'm studying medicine for sure," he said. "That's the one thing I know for sure and it is the top thing I'm looking for in a school, the opportunity to study in the medical field. I also want to play for a good team, obviously, but getting a medical degree is my biggest goal in college."

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