Texas Receiver Turned On to BYU

A wide receiver from Covenant Christian High School and friend of Cougar wideout Ross Apo has taken notice of BYU, and vice versa. This recruit thinks BYU would be a great fit for him, should the opportunity of a Cougar scholarship offer be given to him.

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, otherwise known as TAPPS, is a league of private Christian schools. Wide receiver Jordan Cross, who will be a senior this upcoming season, could be one of the league's top pass catchers.

"I'm 6'2", 199 pounds and run a 4.6 forty," Cross said. "I squat 415 pounds and bench press 245. My vertical is 32" and I had close to 900 yards receiving this past season and 18 touchdowns. I also play both ways. I play strong safety as well as wideout. I didn't play defense as much as I did offense and wasn't a full-time player, but I still averaged around seven tackles a game and had an interception. I don't really have an offensive or defensive preference and will play either one actually."

Cross, who plays for the Cougars of Covenant Christian High School, is actually good friends with Cougar freshman receiver Ross Apo.

"He's a great guy and has always been a good leader," Cross said about Apo. "Most of what I learned about playing wide receiver I learned from Ross and from camps. But most of what I learned was from Ross and he really guided me and helped me become a better receiver. When Ross was going to be a sophomore and I was going to be a freshman, we were training with this guy and kind of became good friends. We found out later we kind of lived close by to one another. It just kind of progressed through that. I stayed with him for a little bit and we went to a BYU camp together this past July. That was a lot of fun."

In fact, it was Apo that turned the BYU coaching staff on to Cross.

"I knew about BYU but I don't think they had heard about me," Cross said with a slight laugh. "Ross actually put in a good word for me and Coach Higgins told Ross to have me come up."

As for his visit to the Cougar summer camp, Cross came away with a great impression of BYU.

"It was a lot of fun and when I went to the camp, I met Coach Higgins and some of the other coaches," Cross said. "It was great. Coach Higgins talked to me after the camp and said they would be in contact with me and that they were interested. I guess that means they're going to start recruiting me. He said I did good and enjoyed having me there.

"Of all the coaches there, Higgins was the one that I really made contact with the most and was around the most. Like me he's a Catholic, and even if you're not a Catholic, everyone there's treated as an equal. I really respected that and it's what really draws me to BYU. Sure, BYU is an LDS school, but the fact that they accept other religions and don't judge you but hold you to the same standards is something I really like about BYU. Coach Higgins is the same way."

There were other aspects about BYU that impressed Cross as well.

"The coaches really helped me a lot in becoming a better player offensively and defensively," said Cross. "They worked with me and I could really tell they cared. I really liked it. When I was walking around the campus it felt good and it was a really comfortable area. I'm trying to describe the words to explain it. It just felt right like everywhere I looked, it just felt like a place I wanted to be. I loved the campus and the environment and the team. I loved being out there and it was a great atmosphere. I really felt at home there."

Though Cross greatly enjoyed his brief stay at BYU, it wasn't until after Apo decommitted from Texas to go to BYU that Cross became interested in the Cougars.

"At first when I heard that Ross was going to BYU it kind of drew me towards the school," Cross said. "When I got there and learned more of what the school was all about. Ross was kind of the match that sparked my interest, but after I got there and learned more it just ignited. Now BYU is the school where I want to go. The moral values at BYU stand out to me. I like how they try and take you and mold you by turning young athletes into men. Football just comes along with it.

"BYU doesn't have the mentality of 'Let's do whatever we can to win a championship.' They have the mentality of 'Let's mold these young athletes into men and the championships will follow.' A national championship is their priority, but they are also focused on taking the young men they get and helping them succeed in life. Other schools like, let's say Texas A&M, are more focused on getting athletes. ‘Let's see what we can do, and if they don't provide for us then whatever.'"

In addition to BYU's camp, Cross has participated in other camps and has represented his ability as a football player well.

"I've been to a couple of national underclassmen combines," Cross said. "The ones that I've been to – the Des Moines, Iowa and the Wichita, Kansas camps – I won the wide receiver MVP in both of those national camps. I also won some wide receiver MVP awards at some smaller camps as well. Every camp that I've gone to I've had coaches come up to me and say they would be in touch with me."

The Des Moines and Wichita camps Cross referred to were Schuman National Underclassman Combines. Officials from the Des Moines combine reported that Cross, "was a phenom during one-on-ones, making a handful of solid grabs."

Of the Wichita combine, officials reported that, "Jordan crossed the line from being a good player to a superstar after winning the WR MVP … [Cross] had great hands, put together nice routes and consistently created separation between himself and the defender."

As for recruiting, Cross has received some recruiting interest from schools both in and out of the state of Texas.

"I've been recruited by Baylor since I was a sophomore," Cross said. "I went to one of their games when I was a sophomore. I'm originally from Wisconsin and they've recruited me a little. I've been going to camps in Wisconsin and got on their radar. Iowa State has been sending me letters this past year also. We'll see how it goes, but BYU is the school I like the most. At their camp I think I showcased my abilities well enough to show that I was one of the best receivers there. We'll see how it goes, but BYU is where I would like to be."

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