Afo to Attend Snow Prior to BYU

Cottonwood High School defensive tackle Jordan Afo committed to BYU for the class of 2010. However, due to a few missing credits and a mission on the horizon, it will be a couple of years before this 6-foot-4-inch, 300-pound defensive tackles sees the field at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

While attending Cottonwood High School, Jordan Afo dominated the defensive line his sophomore year. His abilities got him noticed and put him in position to be recruited by every school in the Pac-10. After suffering a freakish injury that put into question whether or not he would ever see the field again, BYU and Utah State were the last schools standing with a scholarship invitation in hand following his junior year. Afo chose BYU.

However, Afo's journey back to the football field will again be put on hold.

"I've got a couple of credits to take care of, so I'm going to go take care of it over there at Snow," Afo said. "I've got three more core credits to make up and then after that I'll be going to BYU later."

"I know our defensive coach had been talking about [Afo]," said Snow College recruiting coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tyler Hughes. "I know our defensive staff has never actually talked to Jordan. Our defensive coordinator [Justin DeCol] has just kind of been the middleman between BYU and Snow. I know [BYU] is trying to get him eligible for NCAA. It's always been kind of through speaking with Coach Kaufusi at BYU and trying to figure out what's the best way to get him down here."

While at Snow, Afo will not play football in order to preserve all of his eligibility for the Division I level. He will look for financial aid to assist him while trying to complete the necessary credit courses.

"I know if I push myself I'll get there," Afo said about BYU.

"Today is kind of the day when everybody checks in," said Coach Hughes. "Some guys come in a little late sometimes, particularly when guys sign at a Division I school. What happens is our coaches generally talk to those guys from February on down and try and get them in line to come down here. In Jordan's case, they didn't know if he was going to qualify until around July, and so they're not necessarily ready to get down here so soon. With that being said, we've had guys check in during August and we just try and get them enrolled in school as quickly as we can, but we haven't heard anything as far as Jordan being a part of the team this year or the next couple of years."

There is one more hurdle to jump over once Afo completes the required courses at Snow.

"I still have to take my ACT again," Afo said. "I'm eligible to go somewhere else, but at BYU you have to have a higher score, so I have to take the ACT again after I finish up those classes. After that I'm going to go and serve a mission."

Afo said he may possibly spend more than one semester at Snow.

"I'll go over there for maybe more than just one semester before I go on my mission," Afo said. "If I don't pass the ACT I'll just go and play one year there. They told me that I'll have to play at least on year over there. I'll be keeping in touch with Steve [Kaufusi] while I go through all of this. Hopefully I won't be too long over there at Snow. I just want to get things finished up so I can get back over to BYU. I just want to get all of my stuff done in that one year and take care of things."

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