Future Cougars Face Each Another

Last night, two future BYU Cougars met on the field of play and kicked off the prep season. Colby Jorgensen of Timpview High School faced Austin Heder of Pleasant Grove, and although only one could be the victor, both were highly successful.

Last year Pleasant Grove put an end to Timpview's 36-game winning streak. In a rematch held in Pleasant Grove, the Thunderbirds got revenge and defeated the Vikings as they make a run for an impressive fifth-straight state championship title.

"We're going all the way!" Colby Jorgensen said with a smile. "We're getting that fifth-straight championship. This game is mostly just getting all the kinks out as a team and it was great. It was a good win."

Middle linebacker Austin Heder knows all about trying to get the kinks out. The Vikings of Pleasant Grove are a young team and he did his best from the Mike linebacker position to help his defense get into position to stop the Thunderbird attack.

"It's fun but it's kind of tough when you're trying to run the defense," Heder said. "We're really young so I was trying to get the calls, and they're not quite sure what they're doing. I was trying to get all of them set and then focus on my responsibilities. I love the guys and you have to love the game. It was tough but Timpview is a great team and their offensive linemen were tough. I have a lot of respect for those guys. It was fun."

Heder showed great leadership among his teammates and seemed to know the game well for his age. He put himself in constant position to make the tackle, as his name was constantly heard again and again over the loud speaker.

"I'm not sure how many tackles I had," Heder humbly said. "I don't pay too much attention to that, but my blockers up front did a good job and that allowed me to play well. We've only got three varsity guys coming back but it was fun seeing them play well and see that progression and growth."

Like his counterpart, Jorgensen also did well as he played primarily from the defensive end position.

"I was a little rusty but I did get a sack and got me some big hits," said Jorgensen. "I did feel good but know there is a lot to work on. I though our team did really good and the team rallied behind one another out there. Everyone gave it their best and no one took any plays off. It was a constant effort out there. "

BYU commit Corbin Kaufusi, who plays defensive end, was not suited up due to recovering from surgery. Instead, he stood on the sideline in support of his teammates. Jorgensen manned Kaufusi's spot in his stead while receiving spot duty at tight end.

"Primarily right now this year, they need help on the defensive side of the ball, so they've got me primarily playing at the defensive end position," said Jorgensen. "I did play tight end a little bit, and when they need me to play that's when I'll get in at tight end this year. So after playing defensive end they subbed me in and I had enough air to play tight end."

As the season wears on Jorgensen expects to receive more opportunities to play tight end, and it would be crazy not to utilize his size and speed as an offensive weapon.

"If I go to my offensive coach and tell him that I have enough wind, he'll put me in at tight end when he can," Jorgensen said. "With this game it was more about getting a feel, but you'll probably see me more at tight end as the season goes on. This was more about getting out all the kinks, but yeah, you'll definitely see me playing more tight end."

At 6 feet 7 inches, Jorgensen towers over the competition. He can also cover the field quickly with his 4.6 speed. He was aggressive and caused problems for the Viking offense all night long, pressuring the quarterback and running down running backs and receivers. His athleticism and size will allow him to play a number of different positions for the Cougars.

"Yeah, I have my pick of four positions at BYU," he said with a smile. "I can either play tight end, offensive tackle, defensive end, and outside linebacker is in the running if I go to BYU. So I have my pick from those four, but I love BYU and I'll play any position and do my best to represent that coaching staff. All of the positions are good and I don't know if I'll put on the weight to be an offensive lineman. I mean, right now I think tight end is a little in the lead for the position I want to play at BYU."

As for Heder, he's already spend some time with the Cougar football program.

"When I'm over there I've gone to a couple of team meetings and have been to a couple of film sessions with the middle backers," he said. "It's a good way to see how things are done at the next level."

Heder has also been to a couple of BYU's practices.

"They look solid and they're young but I think they're going to be alright," Heder said. "I've been the biggest BYU fan since I was a kid and I just love the fact that I'm going to be able to play there. I know they've got a tough schedule coming up and they open up with Jake Locker and Washington. It's going to be fun and now they've got Texas on the schedule for the future. Hopefully I'll be there at that time to get a piece of that action."

When exactly Heder will first see the field is unknown.

"I'm not sure what they're going to do with me," said Heder. "I'm going to go on my mission after a season. I don't know if they're going to redshirt me or not. I hope to help the team any way I can and make an impact when I'm there, either playing or on the scout team. Whatever the coaches need, I'll do."

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