Defense Brings Confusing New Look

As both the offense and defense continue to develop and progress leading up to the season opener against Washington, there were some new twists and turns on Monday. The Cougar defense came out onto the practice field with a new look and took the offense by surprise.

Earlier during fall camp, the offense implemented new tweaks with how receivers are utilized within the offense. Those tweaks raised a few eyebrows, insomuch that defensive coaches asked Coach Doman if they had installed more new plays than normal.

Well, Monday was the day of defensive redemption, as coaches decided to revisit some defensive packages and add tweaks of their own to throw against the offense.

"We came out with some new stuff the offense hasn't really seen," said outside linebacker Jameson Frazier, who recorded a sack Monday. "They were trying to adjust to what we were doing, so we caught them off guard today. They'll come back with a new scheme to try and get us back tomorrow. It's a back-and-forth kind of thing, and really what it comes down to is who wants to play today."

"We definitely turned it up a little bit today," said cornerback Brian Logan. "I can't really say too much about what we were doing right now because it's still under construction. I will say this: it's coming along really well though."

Although quarterback Jason Munns wasn't out on the field directing the offense during the team periods, he noticed there was something different going on.

"You know, that's something you're going to see in the game," Munns said. "Maybe we did struggle a little bit today, but in the long run it's going to be what's best for us. There isn't one team in the country that chooses the same look, and we have to learn to adapt and adjust pre-snap and after the snap."

"We're trying to come out with some of these new things we've taken a look at," Frazier said. "I think we did an effective job at really disrupting the offense. That's just kind of how it goes during these kind of days when we come out with a new defensive scheme or package."

Some of the new twists seen on Monday weren't technically new, as they were first unveiled a while ago.

"We ran this package last spring and [the offense] had been talking ever since then," said Bradley. "They were like, 'Oh, if you guys do that again we're going to do this and we're going to do that.' We were actually going to put it in last week, but Coach Hill was like, 'No, we'll wait, we'll wait.' When Coach Hill threw it out to us today, everyone was excited. Everybody was like, 'Yes! Finally, we get to throw this at them again.' I think we caught them off guard and surprised them, because we did a really good job in running it today."

"When we had our defensive meeting today, guys were really excited," said Logan. "Guys were jumping up and down and were really looking forward to what was coming. This was something we first started messing with during spring, and so when everybody found out we were going to bring it back out everyone was smiling. After our defensive team meeting broke, Coach Hill went back over it with our secondary guys. We were all happy and excited to get out there and get after it. When things like this happen where we know we're going to do some new things, our excitement level shoots up a thousand fold. It's something new and it works. It really works and we proved that. It's still under construction but it's a fun defense to play."

"I really liked everyone's enthusiasm," Frazier said. "Everyone really, really wanted to play today and everyone seemed really excited to play today. I think this is big for us seeing how these guys get excited about things like this. When we found out we were going to bring this out everyone was excited."

Taking the position of being the offensive apologist, Munns chose to look at Monday's defensive stunt as a positive.

"Well, the great thing about this team is the competitive level we have with the offense against the defense," said Munns. "Once you go into the locker room we're all best friends, but once we step out onto the field we're enemies. In any game you play, momentum is going to shift and we have to learn to overcome those things. I love their competitive spirit and these kind of things will only make us better."

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