Fall Practice Report: Day 14

The team practiced in shells once again as they prepped for their final scrimmage of fall camp. Although the quarterback battle continued to heat up, it's becoming increasingly clear as to how the coaches will manage the position heading into the season.

Initial Observations

-One has to assume that coaches are planning to play both quarterbacks against Washington at this point. How their reps will be split remains to be seen, but it's doubtful that coaches will be naming an outright starter prior to the start of the season.

-Jake Heaps runs the BYU offense better than Riley Nelson, that much is clear. Nelson has improved a lot since spring, which is due in large part to the way coaches have managed the offense when he's in at quarterback.

-With the team potentially playing two quarterbacks that have drastically different individual strengths, one is left to wonder how it will affect the tempo of the offense. Offensive coordinator Robert Anae's offense is based on tempo. With two quarterbacks showcasing different skillsets, how it will affect the overall tempo of the offense is a concern.

-Austen Jorgensen was dressed and it will be interesting to note where he'll be playing when he returns to live work. The five inside linebackers that look to play include him, Shane Hunter, Brandon Ogletree, Zac Stout and Aveni Leung-Wai.

Third-Down Situational Drills

-Jake Heaps got the first set of reps with the ones on offense going against the ones on defense.

-The first two reps were in a 3rd-and-2 situation, with the defense holding Bryan Kariya short of the first down on both occasions. Andrew Rich supplied a jarring hit to hold Kariya short of the first down on one of those plays.

-Heaps then converted two reps on 3rd-and-5 with a 10-yard completion to Mike Muehlmann and a 7-yard completion to J.J. Di Luigi that probably would have gone for much more yardage had the the play not been whistled dead.

-On his one rep in a 3rd-and-7 situation, the offensive line gave Heaps all the time he needed and he found a breaking Austin Holt on a pass that would have gone for big yardage had he not dropped the pass.

-Nelson got the next set of reps with the twos going against the twos. Joshua Quezada converted both 3rd-and-2 situations with runs of 2 and 4 yards.

-Nelson converted his first attempt on 3rd-and-5 with an 8-yard completion to J.D. Falslev. His second attempt on 3rd-and-5 saw a dropped pass by Spencer Hafoka that would have come far short of the first-down marker had he caught it.

-His lone attempt on 3rd-and-7 fell incomplete.

Final Team Drills

-Jake Heaps got the first set of reps with the ones going against the ones. He completed a pass to Luke Ashworth for just one yard before throwing a pass that was picked off by Shane Hunter.

-Riley Nelson received the next set with the twos going against the twos and finished with 6-of-6 passing for 54 yards on completions to Spencer Hafoka for 12 yards, Joshua Quezada for 7 yards, B.J. Peterson for 10 yards, Quezada again for 6 yards, Rhen Brown for 6 yards and finally to Matt Marshall for a touchdown from 13 yards out.

-Nelson got the last set of the day with the ones going against the twos on defense and had his only pass fall incomplete. Jordan Johnson made a great play on the ball, stripping it from Hafoka to go incomplete.

-Several players were held out of Tuesday's practice session as they make up academic work. Those players included O'Neill Chambers, Brandon Bradley, Brian Logan, and Kori Gaines. All of them are expected to return to practice Wednesday.

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