First Practice Review

The 2010-11 Cal State Fullerton basketball season officially began last Friday at Historic Titan Gym and was there to take it all in. Here are some observations and commentary on the 16 players on this year's roster.

Point Guards

Deepest position on the team. Junior Perry Webster and Freshman Isiah Umipig (a.k.a. Zeke) will battle for the starting spot and Senior Eric Williams will have a similar role as last year. The question everyone will be asking is can they fill the role vacated by Jacques Streeter?

Perry Webster: Solid player who will need to improve on his defense. Sees the floor well and has a good shot and could be a leader. Concern is how well he adapts to D1.

Isiah Umpig: Very mature for a freshman. No doubt he will be able to handle D1. He can play both the point and the shooting guard positions. Will contend for Freshman honors and will not be surprised at all if he's FOY. He could easily have the same (or better) year than Streeter had last year. Time will tell if he can make players around him better.

Eric Williams: Probably the best 3rd string PG in the Big West. Gave Webster fits in practice and likes to compete. Expect a similar role from him as last year.

Abraham Granados: Great energy kid who will be a fan favorite if he can ever get into a game. He brings to practice what every coach loves: Listens, works hard and everyone loves him. He's a freshman and is a great addition. Hopefully he's here all four years.


Devon Peltier: Love the way he plays the game. Shooting stroke is improved. He must have made 80% of his shots during practice -- and he took a lot of them. Is he too small to start at the two? Probably, but he hustles and he's so potent on the offensive end it's hard to leave him on the bench. He knows what he needs to work on and if the Titans play a lot of zone defense this will only help his minutes.

Orane Chin: Looks about the same. Clearly the best leaper on the team and also the tallest player. He just needs to somehow get some fire in the belly. If the Titans are to break the .500 barrier he will be the key.

Roger Guardia: Will battle Brown for first wing off the bench. Currently have him further along but they are different players. Guardia has good size, mature body -- he is 25 years old -- nice stroke (though most shots were in and out, hopefully just bad luck) and may be the first player to break KirkSR's "like him" kiss of death. Defense actually looks decent but will need to work his offensive game, specifically turnovers (traveling mostly) and taking shots when he's open.

Orlando Brown: Think of a skinnier, smaller Aaron Thompson. His outside needs to improve but he should get better with time.


Jer'Vaughn Johnson: With all the new players, JVJ was not the primary focus. His outside shot looks improved -- he hit a good percentage of three-pointers -- but still shaky at the free throw line. He is a shoo-in to start so hopefully we see the JVJ we saw at the end of last year.

Steve Jurich: First thing you will notice is he doesn't look like a basketball player. In fact, he looks a lot like former Titan Adam Tancredi. He is a lefty who can shoot from the outside but has a big body. His off-axis rotation on the ball release will leave many fans skeptical but he is actually a very good late pickup for the Titans. He can bang and has enough lift to dunk so he should be fine against his Big West brethren.

Sedric Martin: At 6-6 he may not be the ideal height for our center but Sedric has a great attitude in the early going, has lost a ton of weight according to the coaches and is projected by to eventually win the battle for the final starting slot. He is perhaps the only player on the roster who will not be taking a three this year but he will be asked to do the simple things like passing, rebounding, defense and making layups. One thing that stood out in this first practice was how good of hands both he and Jurich have. Not one ball that went into the post was dropped and Sedric can dish pretty well. This will be needed to free up our outside shooters.

Chris Collins: Chris is a freshman walk-on and he practiced with the post players. At 6-4, 185, he held up as well as expected. He's not afraid of being physical and appears to be another great kid. In fact, if you are a walk-on at Cal State Fullerton, this is a requirement.

Andre Hardy: In a walking cast. Coaches hope he is ready by the time Big West play gets underway.

Redshirt Transfers:

It's hard not to look ahead to next year after seeing the big three transfers play but it's a process and we can't get ahead of ourselves.

D.J. Seeley: The real deal.

Kwame Vaughn: The real deal.

Omondi Amoke: The real deal.




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