Spider Spins The CWS

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin gives the Titan fans some inside and his thoughts on the College World Series.

Although the season is over, I would be happy to keep writing on TitanCentral.com if everyone wants that.

I am not playing summer ball, instead I am helping coach the Titan Baseball Camps for the second consecutive year. However I still talk to some of the players throughout the summer, including Chad and Darric online, so I can try and update how certain players are doing.

As for the drafted guys, I can tell you what I hear. I think I know who is leaving and who is staying, but I probably should just keep that to myself until I find out for sure.

Obviously the seniors are generally going to sign. I am almost positive Mike Nunez is going to sign with the Yankees, but I will find out for sure very soon. I do not believe Jon Smith will sign. He has a very nice summer internship lined up and I think that is taking precedence.

I do not have much to say about the end of the series. I still feel we lost to an inferior opponent, but for some reason we just don't beat Stanford. In the 3 years I have been here, they have beaten us 10 out of the 12 games, including all 3 in the CWS. I am rooting for the Cardinal tomorrow however, purely because of my west coast biased. But we wont get started about that, the west was very strong this year and showed that in the CWS.

For those that went to Omaha, thank you for the support. I hope you enjoyed the whole series, I know our whole team did. The last week has been the most exciting time of my life. I know it is different for me because I have followed college baseball religiously for about a decade, but Omaha is really something special.

I am not sure how many people heard about our plane ride home, but I will end this diary with that.

We left Omaha at 3:00 traveling to Dallas. When we arrived in Dallas we found out we had missed our connecting flight. Luckily we got another flight, leaving Dallas at 7:15. Unfortunately, bad weather kept our plane from taking off for nearly 5 hours. We sat in the plane the entire time, including spending an hour at the runway. Because of the delay, we were rerouted from John Wayne to LAX.

So the trip home was pretty bad. I guess that wrapped up a disappointing series for our team. I want to thank all of you who ask questions and respond on the board, I know it makes my job a little easier.

If people are interested I would be glad to help speculate on lineups for next year, I like doing things like that. I do not know who our incoming freshman are yet, I am sure I will meet them over the summer.

So thank you everyone who supported the Titans throughout the year. Enjoy the summer and we will see you next year.