Sean Martin Dairy: A Loss to Stanford

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin keeps the Titan fans up to date on the 2001 College World Series as he discusses the loss to Stanford.

Obviously I am not in the best of moods right now so forgive me if this is a short diary. I am glad that everyone is enjoying these diaries throughout the year. I enjoy writing for everyone.

There is not much I can say about tonight's game. For some reason we just don't beat Stanford, and they are definitely not as good as us this year. I can't really explain what happened tonight. I thought our pitching was terrific again. We hit a lot of balls hard, but never found any holes.

We will just have to regroup and go after Tulane on Tuesday. I am pretty sure that Darric is starting that game. If we win I don't know who will start on Wednesday. You all can discuss the game on your own if you want, but our entire team is very disappointed in the loss.

In case they didn't show it yet, ESPN let Louie Lamoure, a new crowd favorite, take a video camera around from last night until today. I am not sure what was on it, but I know he went around to everyone's room at least once.

And for those who are interested, many of us got to meet Aaron Lewis today, he is the lead singer of the band Staind.

Tomorrow we have practice at 2, and then that's it. I plan on watching the night game to kill some time. I hope everyone got a chance to watch the game tonight. Hopefully we will do better on Tuesday and get back to our winning ways.

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