Spider On the CWS

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin keeps the Titan fans up to date on the 2001 College World Series.

I just wanted to run through the week for everyone so you know what happens out here.

We left Wednesday afternoon and arrived in Omaha at about 11:30pm local time. Thursday started with an 11am practice at Rosenblatt Std. While we were there we had to answer questions and do intros for ESPN. That was pretty interesting.

Everyone basically came in and said their name and where they are from. Then ESPN asked us to describe a certain thing from our questions. Unfortunately for me they wanted me to describe how I throw. That didn't turn out well, so I don't think that will show up on ESPN. I couldn't find a way to describe my throwing motion.

After practice we came back to the hotel for about an hour and a half. At 3:30 we went back to Omaha for the autograph session. We signed autographs for a little over an hour, and the stadium was packed. After that session all the teams were treated to dinner outside the stadium. During that time
many of us went shopping for posters and shirts.

At 7 we came back into the stadium to watch the home run derby. When that finally ended, and it did
take a long time, we stayed for opening ceremonies and the fireworks display.

Friday was much easier. Everyone slept in and hung around the hotel during the day. At 2:45 we left for the field. When we arrived, the gates were still blocked so we sat in the bus for a little while.

Eventually we entered the stadium and took batting practice in the side cages underneath the left
field stands. After batting practice most of the team watched the remainder of the Stanford/Tulane game. When that game finally ended we took the field and played.

After the game we came back to the hotel and had pizza. Also, after the game 6 players were drug tested by the NCAA. I guess someone will be tested after every game. That is sort of a joke, but that's life.

I will stay away from the umpiring in our game. We all know it was just terrible. In case people were wondering, the first base umpire said Jon Smith was crossing over the rubber when he picked. That's not true, but it didn't cost us the game, so I am OK with it.

Today was a pretty easy day. We had practice at a local high school at 11am. Kevin Costner came and practiced with us, which brought a couple of cameras. After practice we came back to the hotel and changed and then went to a luncheon sponsored by the Concord Club.

The Concord Club is the organization that is hosting our team. They treated us to lunch and a little reception. After that we came back to the hotel and relaxed all day. A lot of guys went to the Miami/Tenn game tonight.

Tomorrow Louie Lamoure has a video tape for ESPN to follow us around with. I am not sure how much will be on there. I don't think much will go on the day of a game, but its nice to have. Kirk is pitching tomorrow, Stanford is throwing Gosling.

That's it for now. I hope everyone watches tomorrow. Its a 6pm local time start on ESPN2. Oh, by the way, does anybody like the new center field camera? I personally hate it. Have fun watching the games, and for those who are out here, be loud.