Spider Martin from Omaha

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin answers your questions and talks about the Nebraska fans at the College World Series.

Hi again everyone. Sorry I waited until now, but its been crazy out here.

For those that were at the game tonight, it was amazing. I heard some nebraska fans say they were disappointed afterwards with the crowd, but I thought they were great. Their fans found ways to support their team without using any personal or stupid comments. In fact, I was getting a kick out of the Go Big Red chant. That was easily the most exciting game of my life so far.

Alright, I will answer the couple of questions I saw from before.

The first was about the draft. I think the draft is a huge distraction. Although I love to talk about it, it should be after the college World Series. Especially for people who dont get drafted, it can probably affect their play. And other people (Rouse, Saarloss) can change their money by this week. It is also a distraction during practices and stuff have scouts calling players.

As for the nebraska fans: I think we tried to prepare for them, but you cant really do that. The team had some mental training sessions before we flew out here. Those might have helped a little. But I really think our team
enjoyed having all those fans. It got us excited, but we still managed to control ourselves enough to play well.

Well I need to go eat and get some sleep. I will try to get online tomorrow night and explain how everything goes on here. The opening ceremony and practices and things like that. We have practice and a lunch tomorrow afternoon.

See you all soon!