CWS Diary: Titans Defeat Nebraska and Crowd!

Cal State Fullerton wins a tough battle with Nebraska on the Huskers' home turf. selected an NHL-style three stars of the game in Cal State Fullerton's 5-4 win over Nebraska.

The No. 3 star, Mike Nunez: 1.2 IP and three strikeouts.

The No. 2 star, David Bacani: Fifth-inning HR gave us the lead for good.

And the No. 1 star, Chad "Chief" Cordero: A marathon save effort of 2.1 innings and four strikeouts. Studly beyond belief.

Stat of the game: Nebraska 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position, Fullerton 2-for-5.
Turning point of the game: Trailing 5-4 in the sixth, Nebraska put the tying run at second with none out (and eventually at third base with one out). But Mike Nunez came to the rescue, with two strikeouts and a foul out to third. The Huskers never threatened again.
OMAHA, Neb. - Gutty!

Cal State Fullerton put away Nebraska, 5-4, Friday night in tough opening game of the College World Series.

The Huskers gave us a run, and now it's time to take out those alleged geniuses from Stanford on Sunday.

Here's the way the sights and sounds of Rosenblatt Stadium looked to two Titans fans.

4:30 p.m. (CT):
The Will Call line isn't long and we grab our tickets. But we miss President Bush. Too bad. We wanted to thank him for the $300 tax break, since we'll need every penny to pay for our inflated gas and power bills in California.

4:45: We cruise the souvenir and food shops on 13th Street outside Rosenblatt, and we're drawn to drink stand that has a handpainted sign outside: "Bush daughters drink for free."

5:00: The sights and sounds of an American sporting event wouldn't be complete without an alcohol-related arrest. We see this troll-like - and very belligerent -- scumbag hauled away in handcuffs from a nearby greasy spoon by two guys wearing Nebraska hats. The hat-wearing guys are undercover cops and they signal for one of Omaha's finest, who pulls up in a cruiser to ensure justice prevails. Bad boys bad boys, whatcha goin' do, whatcha goin' do when they come for you ... COPS, in Omaha.

5:04: We pass by our team's charter bus: "University of Cal State Fullerton." Nice. Can't anyone get our name right?

5:30: Titans798493 scours Rosenblatt for 20 minutes looking for seafood. No luck. What gives? It's Friday! These people wouldn't know a fish if it was Jaws biting them from behind. Titans798493 settles for the $5.50 chicken strips and fries.

6:20: A friend of Titans798495 calls his cell phone, breathlessly telling him how Courtney Love had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her hotel room in Vancouver, B.C. Among the items taken: a wedding ring from Kurt Cobain. Another blow for Gen-X.

6:30: We meet "Mike" from the message board. He tries to rationalize driving 2 1/2 days to Omaha instead of flying, arguing that his draconian employer makes him burn all vacation time (so he can afford the those days off). Sorry "Mike," we don't buy it.

7:13: Lineups introduced, first for the "University of California, Fullerton." We've been here 11 times, damnit. Get our name right!

7:45: George Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman are happy. Aaron Rifkin slices a drive over the left field wall. BBFAN27 1 TitanCzar 0.

8:00: The Huskers might have a powerful, yard-chewing ground game, but their base running sucked Friday. With no outs, Jeff Blevins gets gunned down in an easy 5-2 fielder's choice at home. A Jon Smith pickoff and weak pop up later, and the Titans avert a big inning.

8:34: We notice that Brett Kay's name is spelled "Brent" on the jumbo TV screen. Nice. BK punishes these bad spellers with an RBI single a minute later.

8:45: Coach George Horton goes toe-to-toe with umps over a balk call on Smith. But don't worry coach.

8:49: Josh Hesse, sit down, 3 strikes yer out.

8:51: Jed Norris, sit down, 3 strikes yer out.

8:55: Will Bolt, sit down, 3 strikes yet out. A 4-3 Fullerton lead is protected.

9:17: David Bacani goes deep over the left-field wall. But we know 5 runs won't be enough to win this ... or will it?

9:43: Mike Nunez gets out of big jam, caused by another Smith balk call. This was huge.

10:01: Chief enters the game, as the strange "Lil Red" mascot - a 10-foot inflated 'neck -- comes to our section of the stands. Jeff Bebe's instant analysis: "That's a weak-ass mascot. How much would you pay me to tackle him. I'd do it. I really would." And Jeff made this offer without anything to drink.

10:44: With Kirk Saarloos warming up, Chief finishes off a dominating 2.1 innings. We win, 5-4. 22,000 sad people in red file out.

11:20: Titans798495 finally gets his fish - Filet-O-Fish that is, from the 84th Street McDonald's.

Good night.