Travel Tips for Getting to Omaha

TitanCentral would not leave you out in the cold would we? Of course not. In the first of many installments Titan798495 -- hopefully he'll add '01' to his moniker -- will bring you some insight on the 2001 College World Series.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This will be the first of several reports in the next week by's new Special Omaha Correspondent, Titans798495 (as he's known as on the baseball message board). He'll be in Omaha later this week and filing reports on the Titans and offering travel tips for our fans. In this report, Titans798495 discusses air travel.)

By Titans798495
Special Omaha Correspondent

Pack your trunks Titans, we're stampeding toward Omaha!

But before calling your travel agent, consider a non-traditional flight path. United, American, America West, Northwest, Continental, TWA and Delta all serve Omaha's Eppley Airfield. Since we don't have a seven-day advance fare, it's going to cost at least $450.

The better option is to buy a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards coupon. If you're a regular SWA traveler, you know what this is: a coupon (awarded after 8 roundtrips) for a free roundtrip anywhere SWA flies.

If you search newspaper classified ads, you'll find these cost about $320-$350. These coupons are fully transferable so you can buy them on the open market or just bum one from a friend or relative. Not only is this SWA option cheaper, but it's free to change flights - and this is key.

Let's say you buy a $475 roundtrip on United or America West, leaving on Friday (June 8) and returning the night we win it all on June 16. If, in the nearly impossible chance we get knocked out before Championship Saturday, United and America West will charge an arm and a leg to change flights. Look up flight schedules at

Hotels in Omaha are the least of any travelers' concerns. There are plenty of national brand name hotels in Omaha. If a hotel you want  is filled right now, just keep checking back.

A ton of hotel rooms are reserved now by CWS wannabes -- fans of teams that were knocked out in Super Regionals, so they're just now canceling reservations. And as CWS week continues, the two-and-out frauds will be leaving town and opening more hotel rooms.

(Titans798495's next report will be about tourism in the great Midwest -- in other words, how to kill days off in the middle of nowhere)