Spider: Inside the Super Regional

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin talks about the Super Regional and answers more of your questions.

Again, thank you to all the fans that came out last night. For Fullerton that was an amazing crowd. I know MSU might not have been impressed, but our team was, and that counts for a lot. And we love those towels. I am going to make this short and quick. I am about 90% positive that Merrell is starting. The lefty MSU us throwing is supposed to throw pretty hard and locate well. I assume they will come ready to play.

It is actually easier to come back from a game like that than from a game like Tulane had last night. For those that went last night, Mike Rouse did something I have never seen before. His HR's left our whole team in awe. Hopefully he can continue that today.

To answer some questions. Horton does take a lot of time for mental things. Ken Ravizza, who is a sports psychologist, is around a lot and he talks with players on his own. Before a game we don't really do anything mentally, they just give us scouting reports.

I was impressed with the size of the MSU following, but they weren't as loud as I expected, obviously the score probably had something to do with that. I am sure if they are winning the fans will be very loud. I still like the Texas Tech group.

The funniest thing that has ever happened to me is tripping on the field. It happened once earlier this year, but I don't believe anyone noticed. It was an OCN game too. I went to back up first, we threw the runner out, and when I stopped, I slipped and fell down. On OCN you can see my head backing up, and then I fall off the screen and get back up. I also remember playing second and while I was running out to my position the first baseman threw me the ball, when I turned to field it I tripped over second base. Well, I have also taken a pop fly off of the head a long time ago, I lost it in the sun.

I know titan fans realize this, but for other teams, the one thing people don't know about our program is how little we are funded. Compared to any SEC school we don't get any money. And it is incredible what we have done throughout the years without terrific monetary support.

For those that saw, thanks to Kevin Costner for coming last night. And I am not sure how many people usually notice, but Harold Reynolds has been at a lot of games this year. Hopefully we can see him again next week when he announces the CWS.

That is it for today. I am sorry if I missed any questions, but there are a lot of posts and I haven't run through them all yet. Oh, and yes I have been to pick up stix. But I like this place called three dragons near my apt. Its not great, but its quick and cheap, perfect for a college student.