Spider on the Web - Fullerton Regional

Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin talks about the regionals and answers your questions in this feature during the NCAA Regionals.

Sorry it took me a couple days to write. I want to thank everyone out there this weekend. The crowd on Sunday was extremely disappointing, especially after such a big crowd on Saturday. So as everyone knows, we won.

I was very surprised Tech came back and beat ASU on Sat night, but they were a very good team. I think either of them could have won a couple of the other regionals.

Looking ahead, I believe we are starting kirk on friday, I can't imagine starting anyone else. We have practices all week again, and then a normal series this weekend. I believe Miss st will practice after us on thursday at our field in case anyone wants to see them before the game.

Answering the questions. We actually get very detailed scouting reports on a lot of teams in the pIayoffs. I think some of that is just exchanging between different coaches. I would think we could get a lot of info on Miss St, especially from Tenn. The coaches haven't told us much about them yet, they probably will later in the week. From what I know their starting pitchers are a righty and two lefties. Supposedly pitching is the team strength. For those who have been reading their record, its not great, but they have played well at the end of the season (SEC tourney). And despite being in what I considered one of the easiest regionals, they swept through it to get to us.

It is definitely a lot easier to concentrate on baseball now that school is out. One problem this week is that a lot of us are moving out of our apts right now. I am currently in the middle of moving all of my stuff into storage. So that takes up all of our time during the day. Since everyone goes away to play over the summer we all move out now and get new places to live in August.

As for slumping players, I think we generally leave them alone. Usually someone who is in a slump is more likely to come early and take extra batting practice to get out of it. To tell you the truth, I rarely even notice players who are in a slump.

And for the one question a couple of days ago. That girl was my beautiful girlfriend Emily sitting with me at the Asu/Tech game in the rain, and thanks for noticing.

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