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Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin talks about the regionals and answers your questions in this daily feature during the NCAA Regionals.

I want to start by saying thanks to all the fans that were in attendence tonight. I have never seen our field that packed before, it was great. For tomorrow we are starting Merrell the first game, and if we need to, Smith in the second game. I just got back from watching a little of the night game, I expect to see ASU again tomorrow, but you never know. I have no clue who they would throw if they won. Maybe Friedberg if he doesnt pitch tonight, that is just a guess though.

There isnt much to say about tonights game, we played well, the crowd was awesome, and we came through. That is a huge win, we get some rest for tomorrow, we save our pitching, and we are the home team again.

In answer to some of the questions. There is a 25 man roster during regionals. However the roster can change before the super regional and the college world series. That happened with us in 1999, our roster changed in between each week. In regards to donations, I really couldnt tell you. I am sure some players donate money, but the players dont really hear about that. I havent seen Costner at all this year, but I am sure he will show up in Omaha if we get there.

The reason we are good every year is because we get talented players year in and year out. I think up and down our roster we have talented players. There are a couple of players on our bench that I think could start basically anywhere in the country. And I would say some of it has to do with the fact that we are used to winning every year. Winning can be an attitude that you get comfortable with.

I am not sure what type of websites you wanted to know about. My favorites to visit our baseballamerica.com and collegiatebaseball.com. During regionals the best site is ncaabaseball.com, they keep things up to date. My favorite site for college baseball scores used to be wraltv.com, but they changed their site about a month ago and now it isnt any good. Other than those titan central has been one of my favorites for two years or so, its fun to see what the fans think about the team. Oh, and of course my fantasy baseball team site, which I am doing terrible in. I guess all of my attention goes towards baseball and school, I think I am like 5th out of 10 teams in my league.

Commenting on the fans is a little harder. Yes we notice when the crowd is loud. It is very obvious, we can hear a lot more than people think down there. I guess the stuff that we enjoy the most is good comments coming from fans. That can either be positive for us or negative towards the other team. Clapping and cheering can be good too, as long as it is at the right time. It is a little different for us since we dont get the student support that some schools get, but the 10 or so Texas Tech fans that sit above the dugout have been hilarious all weekend. Funny comments are usually the most noticed. To be honest, the first thing we need to do is just get fans to the game. Tonight was what we this type of program should be getting all year long. But all the schools in this area struggle with attendence.

I hope to see everyone out there tomorrow. Again I need to get some rest. I am glad that we have some people asking questions, it makes it a lot easier for me to write. See you all at the game.

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