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Cal State Fullerton pitcher Sean Martin talks about the regionals and answers your questions in this daily feature.

Hello again everybody. I told paul that I would try to write almost every day during regionals to let everyone know what is happening. If there is any certain things you want to know feel free to ask. I want to thank everyone who was at the game tonight, I think we had 2300, that is a pretty big crowd for us. And the stands were quite loud, which is a little unusual.

Tomorrow will be a nice crowd test since ASU fans are very loud usually. I especially want to thank Lil Hammer for coming out to practice this week and bringing his Omaha sign to the game. Again we are having a team lunch, that was very fun today. And again I assume we will go watch the early game.

I am assuming Kirk is going pitch tomorrow, although the coaches didn't say tonight. ASU said they are throwing Switzer, who can be pretty good. For those that watched ASU today, they can hit a little. Although it was a very close game until the 7th, their offense broke it open. Tomorrow should be a very exciting game. Especially for me since I have played with and against a lot of people from their team in high school. As most people know, winning tomorrow is a major advantage in winning the regional. It is very hard to come through the losers bracket since you have to use so much pitching.

For those keeping up across the country, it was a weird day. I can't remember the last time this many #1 seeds lost on opening day. Well it was only 3 of them, but Princeton had Central Florida beat too. A bad day for the other Big West teams. It is hard to imagine UCSB not scoring after what they showed against us. A couple of regionals are turning out to be filled with upsets.

Alright buddies, I think that is it for now. I need to get some rest for tomorrow. I hope to see everyone out there and cheering tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for the support.