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Cal State Fullerton baseball player Sean Martin talks about the regional which includes Arizona State, Texas Tech and Temple. Even he's not sure who will pitch tonight...

Well regionals have finally come. As everyone knows we are the #1 seed. Most of the team was shocked not only that we got that seed, but also that we were dealt such a hard regional with the #1 ranking. I guess we should have expected this though. West coast teams are consistently given hard regionals. I am not sure how much everyone pays attention to the teams we play, but obviously ASU is pretty good. We split two games with them during the season, and they are playing pretty well right now. I dont know much about Texas Tech, but they finished 2nd in the Big 12, which means they have to pretty good. And that program has been very good over the last 6 or 7 years.

I wish I could help out all of the guessing going on about our pitching rotation, but I dont even think we have announced it yet. I am almost positive that Kirk will pitch on Saturday, I would be surprised if he doesnt. Tonight I am not sure what is happening.

As for what we do during regionals, its pretty basic. We had a little banquet yesterday with all of the teams. Nothing big, just food and each coach talked a little about their team. Today we are having a team lunch in the afternoon to get ready. Then I am sure a lot of us will go early to the field to watch the first game. Probably one of the more surprising things we are doing this year is setting a team curfew while at home. When we stay in hotels we always have one, so we are treating this weekend like a road trip and each player is expected to be at their apt by a specified time.

Well thats it for now. I will try to keep people updated on who is pitching and what is going on before each game. For now we are just excited to get going and hopefully it will be a very rewarding regional for us.

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