Notes from Selection Teleconference

Notes from the media teleconference with the NCAA baseball selection committee, listed in order they were asked ...

Beginning comments from committee ( joined 5 minutes late)
- No member could vote for school they are affiliated with
- A secrete ballot was used to determine the Top Seeds

- Klein from LA Times: What factors were involved with Pepperdine not getting a No. 1 seed? They were one of the 18 considered (16 picked). They just missed out on a No. 1 seed.

- Charter which was discussed before placing teams was to place the 2, 3, and 4 teams by region if possible.

- Wichita State (39-22) did not get in because of weak non-conference schedule and they were swept by SW Mo. St. They were also 0-2 in conf. tourney.

- 92 teams were considered for the tournament.

- BYU, which does not play on Sunday's, will play games on Monday (in Nebraska) if they make it that far. But the schedule is to play on Sunday if BYU does not advance.

- John Manuel of Baseball America asked why Eastern Illinois did not get in: Low RPI (NCAA will not release this info at this time), one win against Top 50 (RPI-wise), started off 2-10.

- Eight SEC teams?! Yes, this is a record number from one conference.

- .500 record was needed for consideration (Again, 92 teams were considered)

- Top 8 seeds are ranked, next 8 No. 1's were NOT ranked.

- Top 8 seeds could not be paired up in Super Regionals (SR). Pairings at this level were then done by Region. Hence a LSU/Tulane pairing.

- Venue could be moved -- to a minor league ballpark -- for LSU/Tulane SR if they both win their regionals.

- bunch of nonsense questions were asked by a few reporters from south

- Pepperdine was put in USC regional because of proximity.

- Why was MSU a one seed and Pepperdine not? Winning tough SEC tourney a big factor, strength of conference.

- Why was Baylor a #2 seed? Strong record (32-21), tough schedule.

- Why wasn't Texas Tech a #2? Not a strong schedule. Only 15 games against Top 150 teams based on RPI.

- Fresno State was the lowest RPI of at-large teams.

- There were 11 teams from West Coast (only 8 last year)

- UCLA was a bubble team (They will be going to the NIT though). SJSU was not even close to making the tourney.

- There was a very big gap between the Top 8 teams and the next eight.

- Houston got in with a 29-28 record because they has one of the toughest schedules in the country.

- Texas was one of the LAST to make the tourney.

- Will the Top 8 teams, if they win their regional, automatically host a Super Regional? No but they will receive consideration. Other factors will include field condition, facilities, financials.

- Last time a top seed did not receive a regional? The only time was OSU/Cal State Fullerton. CSF did not bid on a regional but did bid on a SR. OSU had more seating and Fullerton had never hosted before.

- The Big West had "a very high RPI. Top 5."

- Fresno State had a higher RPI than Cal State Northridge.

- Larry Bortstein asked what factors made Cal State Fullerton the No. 1 seed? Top 16 teams were determined and a secrete ballot was used. Fullerton had the most votes.

- Cal State Fullerton had the best non-conference won-loss percentage and a very tough schedule.

- Winning 2 of 3 from Long Beach State was a key factor in getting the number one seed.

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